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A Cuckold’s Place

We need to talk about what’s going to happen tonight. We need to be clear about a cuckold’s place.

We’ve already invited him over. He’ll be here at 8. We’ve already discussed and negotiated what our boundaries are. You agreed to “let” me do whatever I want; to have the pleasure that I’ve been . . . → Read More: A Cuckold’s Place

Cuckold Fantasies

Listen to me talk about Cuckold Fantasies

Let’s continue our tour of the vast LDW Universe…..we (I) cater to many fetishes. I’m no ‘one trick’ Mistress! There are so many experiences and fantasies to explore! Let’s go!

So far; I’ve taken you to visit The Daily Cock – Suck Patrol – Talk To Me . . . → Read More: Cuckold Fantasies

Are You A Cuckold? A Six Part Check List.

Listen to Me read this blog post to you: Listen To Scarlet

Last year I started speaking with a man that was having trouble realizing that he was a cuckold. After some calls together; we created a list of the six major factors that would let a man know that he indeed was a . . . → Read More: Are You A Cuckold? A Six Part Check List.

You Might Have a Hot Wife If…….

Listen to me read this blog post to you.

A Hot Wife (or slut wife) is a woman that is married and has sex outside of her marriage. The hot wife can include her husband or exclude him; however for the purposes of being turned into a cuckold, let’s assume the hubby is at . . . → Read More: You Might Have a Hot Wife If…….

Asking For Permission

Are you ready to submit? To allow Me to be in control?

Part of letting go of control is learning how to ask for permission. It’s the simple technique – permission requested; permission (possibly) granted. When you’re used to being the boss; in charge of your day to day life; you might find . . . → Read More: Asking For Permission