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Women’s Day: Fem Domme Style!

International Women’s Day is on March 8th every year. It’s a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality. Well, I am a fem domme after all so I don’t believe in gender equality, I always believe – as you well now . . . → Read More: Women’s Day: Fem Domme Style!

Six Rules for Houseboy Interviews

In case you ever have the distinct privilege of standing before a Mistress in a houseboy/slave /slut/service submissive/playtoy interview…………………..

Rule number one…………be respectful. Never forget who’s in charge. You may be an alpha male in your business life; but now you’re on her turf. You are no longer in charge. You are no longer . . . → Read More: Six Rules for Houseboy Interviews

Suck Patrol – New Audio Available!

Listen to me Read This Blog Post to you.

Now that I’m back in Florida full time for a while; I thought I’d freshen up some things around here. As you know; I’m listed on many of the websites that are offered in the LDW Universe. I’ve been taking you on a tour to . . . → Read More: Suck Patrol – New Audio Available!

Cum Eating: Now or Later?

Mistress Scarlet has recorded this blog post: Listen To Recorded Version

I’ve been offering cum eating guidance and coaching for several years here at LDW. I’ve been featured on the Coached Cum Eating website that specializes in women that love helping men eat their own cum. I’ve also written many blog posts and have . . . → Read More: Cum Eating: Now or Later?

Asking For Permission

Are you ready to submit? To allow Me to be in control?

Part of letting go of control is learning how to ask for permission. It’s the simple technique – permission requested; permission (possibly) granted. When you’re used to being the boss; in charge of your day to day life; you might find . . . → Read More: Asking For Permission