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Worship My Ass

It’s time for you to worship my ass.

Down. On the floor. On your knees. Now.

You heard me.

This isn’t about you. It’s not about your cock. It’s not about what you need or what you want.

This is about me. This is about my ass.

Wearing just a small, thin thong; I’m . . . → Read More: Worship My Ass

Small Penis Humiliation Task: Magnum Condoms

I have an assignment for you and your little dick. I want you to be very, very aware of the type of cocks that I prefer over yours. This task will let you know just how very disappointing your cock size is compared to real men. I want you to feel completely humiliated.

You . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Task: Magnum Condoms

Your First Cock; Tell Me About It

I want to know about your first cock.

Talk to Me.

I want you to close your eyes and take yourself back to that moment. When you saw it for the first time. What it made you feel inside. How turned on you were. What did it feel like in your hands? Were you . . . → Read More: Your First Cock; Tell Me About It

The Dick Taker

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Dick taker. Don’t you love hearing me say that?  What if I was calling YOU that?

Are you a “dick taker”?

You think you’ve been doing a good job keeping it a secret. Surely nobody knows what kind of porn you’ve been watching and . . . → Read More: The Dick Taker

Let’s Try A Cage: Chastity Sites!

Jump on board the Scarlet Express – I’m here to take you to visit TWO sites in the LDW Universe!

You can Listen To Me Read This Blog Post To You.

On our tour so far; I’ve taken you to visit The Daily Cock – Suck Patrol – Talk To Me 123 – Spoiled . . . → Read More: Let’s Try A Cage: Chastity Sites!