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Worship My Ass

It’s time for you to worship my ass.

Down. On the floor. On your knees. Now.

You heard me.

This isn’t about you. It’s not about your cock. It’s not about what you need or what you want.

This is about me. This is about my ass.

Wearing just a small, thin thong; I’m . . . → Read More: Worship My Ass

Stroke For Me

I know you can’t wait to stroke for me.

The truth is; I love controlling your cock stroking. I was thinking about how much I enjoy it when I re-wrote my bio for one of our most popular websites: – this is where you probably found me that first time. You were itching . . . → Read More: Stroke For Me

Your First Cock; Tell Me About It

I want to know about your first cock.

Talk to Me.

I want you to close your eyes and take yourself back to that moment. When you saw it for the first time. What it made you feel inside. How turned on you were. What did it feel like in your hands? Were you . . . → Read More: Your First Cock; Tell Me About It

Shrinking and Giantess Fetishes Exposed!

It’s time that I expose your Shrinking Fetish and Giantess Fetish! I know you’ve been wondering about one of the more unique fetishes that we explore here at LDW – so on my continuing tour of the LDW Universe I’m going to expose you to these two very similar fetishes………….

Shrinking . . . → Read More: Shrinking and Giantess Fetishes Exposed!

Six Rules for Houseboy Interviews

In case you ever have the distinct privilege of standing before a Mistress in a houseboy/slave /slut/service submissive/playtoy interview…………………..

Rule number one…………be respectful. Never forget who’s in charge. You may be an alpha male in your business life; but now you’re on her turf. You are no longer in charge. You are no longer . . . → Read More: Six Rules for Houseboy Interviews