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Follow Up: Small Penis Humiliation Task

Did you complete the Small Penis Humiliation task I set you out on in my blog post: Small Penis Humiliation Task: Magnum Condoms ?

I have been laughing my ass off since I wrote that post because several guys have actually called in to report on their completion of the task! Of course; I had much more for them to do once they had the condoms…………but I’ll keep that part under wraps 😉 If you want to know; you have to complete the task!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from these calls:

“Mistress I noticed the magnum ones were right in front of me but the ones I usually get were down on the bottom row.”

“She didn’t even look up when I told her they weren’t for me; I could see her trying not to laugh out loud.”

“My little clitty was so hard when I was just holding the box.”

“I put it on my penis and it was like ten sizes too big – it was so baggy.”

If you’ve completed the task, have questions about it or about condoms in general – just call me so we can have a discussion about it.  I also love to talk about penis size – about cock size – and about small penis humiliation. I won’t hold back.

Want some more recorded humiliation fun? Listen to my recorded erotic audios on this very subject:

Teeny Tiny Wager – Length:  4:49  Cost: $15
Mistress Scarlet wants to make a bet. Six inches or less than three inches? Care to play?

The Evil Escort – Length:  8:53  Cost: $27
The Evil Escort and the tiny dicked loser! He thought he was gonna get  laid! He paid for an entirely different experience!

Your Penis Is Too Small Honey – Length: 5:15 Cost: $18
Honey, it’s time you knew the truth. We’ve been married for three months and I just can’t stop thinking about it. You need to know. Your penis……it’s too small. I don’t want it anymore. I’ve got other plans. This audio is for the man that’s interested in small penis humiliation and cuckold scenarios.


2 comments to Follow Up: Small Penis Humiliation Task

  • I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the girl in the pharmacy was trying not to laugh at the puny pecker.I imagine they put the small ones on the botton row because everyone knows tiny dick losers are not getting laid!The rest of the Vienna sausage dicks order online, in order not to be small dick shamed!

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    I will perform this assignment tomorrow Mistress Scarlet at the Walgreen near me, but with an added touch. I always do my makeup before shopping, so when I present the Magnums for purchase the cashier will see brightly shadowed eyelids, winged eyeliner, curled blackest black L’Oreal mascara, contoured & blushed cheeks and a heather berry shade of moist lipstick.
    Then when I call you to report her reaction I will open the foil and see how roomy the Magnum feels around my clitty bump.

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