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Smart Girls Are Sexy

Smart girls are sexy. They’re witty, insightful and they’re always wearing those funky dark-rimmed glasses. OK, maybe not the glasses but you have to admit; you’ve definitely fantasized about some of the more intelligent women you’ve known throughout your life. Is it just a fantasy though or does it flow over into your . . . → Read More: Smart Girls Are Sexy

Phone Sex Audios – Listen Anytime!

Phone sex audios are an absolutely delicious way to get your fill of me – anytime. I’ve made 46 of them for you! They’re available to be purchased easily, online and once you own it; you can play it over…..and over…..and over……….anytime you want to listen! A quick masturbation session is easy with my . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Audios – Listen Anytime!

Shrinking and Giantess Fetishes Exposed!

It’s time that I expose your Shrinking Fetish and Giantess Fetish! I know you’ve been wondering about one of the more unique fetishes that we explore here at LDW – so on my continuing tour of the LDW Universe I’m going to expose you to these two very similar fetishes………….

Shrinking . . . → Read More: Shrinking and Giantess Fetishes Exposed!

We’re All Wonder Women at LDW

I saw the new Wonder Woman movie on Saturday with a group of girlfriends. We all dressed in outfits that made us feel the most powerful. I chose to wear some tight, dark blue jeans and a red tank top with black leather heels. I also wore two gold bracelets and . . . → Read More: We’re All Wonder Women at LDW

Do High Heels Turn You On?

I want to know – do my high heels turn you on? Do you think you have a high heel fetish?

Women have been using high heels to their advantage since the day they went on the market. What’s not to love about the look of them? They showcase my gorgeous legs, they make . . . → Read More: Do High Heels Turn You On?