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Show Off Your Package – Christmas Blog Train


Here we are on your next stop on the Christmas Blog Train! Your fun began at Mistress Brighton’s Blog where we really kicked things off! And now; from me to you – some thoughts about “Packages”.

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Package = candy cane and jingle balls.

Yes, women do check out men’s packages! We can tell from the way that package may bulge or lie completely flat just what surprises await us underneath your pants. Does the thought of my blue eyes gazing down at your package make you harden? Or does it make you shrivel with shame? It’s ok; I like doing both!

Show Me Your Package

So let’s talk about the type of pants you wear. If you’re proud of your package……confident in your package……then you won’t mind wearing some form fitting pants. Baggy and lose pants are generally reserved for the guy that doesn’t want to show off what he’s got (or the lack thereof). You may recall that I lived in Europe for a while and I have to tell you; men are much more confident there. Even if their package may not look very large; the confidence is there!

How Are You Wrapping Your Package?

What about the type of underwear you keep your package in? This can change the whole game! Consider this – women wear bras because they support, lift and generally make our breasts look absolutely amazing. So, what’s your package being supported in? Are you (ew) still wearing those useless tighty whities? Stop it. Right now. Are you wearing some sexy boxer briefs? The skin tight kind? Or maybe some of the newer fashions like the jockstraps and fitted briefs. They’re designed to perform! To display! To ‘put a bow on it’ so to speak.

Put Your Package On Display!

So, the next time you’re buttoning your pants and zipping your zipper….take a moment to look at your package in the mirror. Is it something I’d want to stare at? Would I be happy with it for Christmas? You do want to make me happy….don’t you? Well then, I suggest you spend a little money on yourself and make that package the way I like it – on display, proud, masculine and nice and tight!

P.S. – talk to me about what I like to see when those underpants come off! There are even more ways to put that package on display for me!

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4 comments to Show Off Your Package – Christmas Blog Train

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  • Oh Ms. Scarlet, I do know from experience (just last night!)how you give a guy the once over and if he doesn’t pass the test, he is over! You are the perfect package inspector with a detailed eye for distinguishing just what is going on below that zipper! Sometimes, if he qualifies, he can ring your bells. The lucky ones who pass the test!

  • Your big blue eyes gazing at those packages – big or small – makes me want to show you MY package! I’m cackling at the idea of making a “smaller packages” wear fitted pants to reveal their shame. My mouth waters when I see a well endowed man wearing fitted slacks. I’m sure santa is going to bring you lots of BIG packages! *wink wink*

  • sparty

    Miss Scarlet-thank you so much for allowing me to display my package and the underwear I use to present it! I enjoyed every second of our discussion and look forward to future chats!

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