UPDATE: WOW! We had a fabulous time last night! We had three mistresses and a submissive at the party and we had a wonderful time. Oh the betting action! I am so proud of my stroker boy tommy for lasting as long as he did! You may not have won the race tommy but you made your Mistress so very proud. And to my new caller michael; who just couldn’t quite consider his evening ‘complete’ until he had spoken with not just one of us, not two of us, but ALL three Mistresses! Someday michael; you WILL do that chicken dance!

If you missed out on the Mistress Slumber Party; don’t despair! You can have TWO of our sexy and sensual mistresses anytime you’d like! We won’t be sitting in the same hotel room; but we will definately surround you with an amazing phone fantasy!

Oh yes, it’s true! Some of your favorite LDW Mistresses are together in Sin City! And YOU can be a part of it! Several of us are joining forces on slumber partyWednesday, November 9th from 1:00 AM EST until….?????. We will all be together here in my room! I’m throwing a Mistress Slumber Party!

The Mistresses involved (and this is subject to change of course) are Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Mandy, and Mistress Peyton.

Imagine the fun you could have if you joined in! Let me throw a couple of ideas your way:

– Getting on cam for your favorite mistress while she shows you off to a room full of ladies!

– Calling in for a humiliation session and having several mistresses involved!

– Do you need a spanking? Domination? CBT? We can provide all of the above!

– You can call in to your favorite mistress OR you can call in for a 2, 3, or maybe even 4 Mistress call!

– How about a stroke-a-thon?

– Let’s Make A Bet! How long can you hold out; right on the edge? Will you make a wager with your favorite Mistress?

The possibilities are endless and we are open to your thoughts and ideas. Please IM me on yahoo – enchantrixscarlet or email me at scarlet@enchantrixempire.com