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Here Little Bitch Boy

The Scarlet Mistress has many boys that call her on a regular basis. You know who you are. Now, for those of you who are more dominant or are not familiar with d/s (dominant – submissive) roles; it may shock you to hear me refer to them as ‘Bitch Boys’. I assure you; it . . . → Read More: Here Little Bitch Boy

I'm On Patrol For Cock Suckers

So many of my callers have been drawn to me by reading my bio on our Suck Patrol website. I remember writing that bio and drawing from some of the real life experiences that I’ve had! Would you like to hear a bit more about the night that I drew from when writing my . . . → Read More: I'm On Patrol For Cock Suckers

My Sissy Model

Below is one of the more popular photos of yours truly – The Scarlet Mistress . People seem to like how playful I look; I remember this photo shoot and how much I loved that nightie. I kept it, you know! I love the color on my skin and how the bottom just seems to flow! Alot of . . . → Read More: My Sissy Model