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What kind of cock?

I’m constantly asked, “What kind of cock turns you on Mistress Scarlet?”.

Size Matters?

As much as I love to Control ANY and ALL cocks; for the record, I do prefer a nice, big, thick, juicy cock! Mmmmmm! Who doesn’t?! Now, I know a lot of my callers haven’t been blessed with huge . . . → Read More: What Kind of Cock?

Free 10 Minute Call Weekend!

Special this weekend only for all Enchantrix Empire members only! YOU get a FREE; no strings attached 10 minute call THIS weekend. That’s starting on Friday, August 20th at 11:59PM – Sunday, August 22nd at 11:59PM.

Yes, this 10 minutes can be applied to a longer call if you wish.

Not . . . → Read More: Free 10 Minute Calls THIS Weekend!

Eat Pray Love

The latest Julia Robert’s chick flick is Eat Pray Love. I went to see it with several of my girlfriends on Friday night. There was so much I fell in love with in this movie! Mainly; the desire to travel to Bali! And secondly, the newfound love for Brazilian music. During one scene in . . . → Read More: Eat ~ Pray ~ Love

Your Dirty Secret

We all have secrets. Most secrets are kept because they make us feel ashamed – dirty – deviant – wrong. It’s hard to keep them bundled up inside – choking us – holding us back – keeping us from indulging in our secret desires. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to finally TELL on yourself? To . . . → Read More: Your Dirty Secret