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How To Make A Pumpkin Lover

Not too long ago, I had an exhibitionist beg me to show me a photo of himself inside of a watermelon. Well, this I just had to see! I had him give me a call and send me the photo while we were talking. I could not believe what I saw when I opened . . . → Read More: How To Make A Pumpkin Lover!

Mistress Scarlet is Jonesin’ for YOU!

So I’m back from my wonderful vacation to the islands. And I had absolutely no naughtiness while I was away! So call me up and let’s play boys!

Bon Voyage Mistress

Just a note to all of my wonderful readers and callers – Mistress is on a cruise ship! I am writing now with a view of the gorgeous ocean and I won’t be returning until October 23rd. I know you’ll miss me desperately!

Talk to you soon! Behave!

Hotel Sex With Jamal

I get so many calls wanting to know if I love BBC! Oh my oh my, do I just LOVE BBC! If you are wondering what BBC is – it’s Big. Black. Cock.

Today I want to tell you all about a little fantasy I shared with a caller. We like to pretend that . . . → Read More: Hotel Sex With Jamal!

Squeeze Those Boobies Girls and Boys!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month (just in case you haven’t seen the sea of Pink products all over the place!). The focus is on women’s self exams, awareness, and the search for a cure. I was thinking though; what about my boys? What about YOUR boobies?!

I did some research and I . . . → Read More: Squeeze Those Boobies Boys and Girls!