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In Need of Humiliation?

Are you in need of humiliation? Or does the thought of it completely turn you off? The good news is; if you don’t ask me to humiliate you – I won’t! This blog post is directed at the guy that feels ‘alive’ when a mistress is telling him how pathetic he is! I might . . . → Read More: In Need of Humiliation?

What is Femdom?

What is Femdom? Simple – it is FEMale DOMinance! Usually, women who believe in Femdom are called fem dommes. Femdom is really a lifestyle.

I get emails and yahoo IM’s all of the time asking; Scarlet, are LDW mistresses phone sex fem dommes? Well, while I can’t answer for the other mistresses; I can . . . → Read More: What is Femdom?

I Touch Myself

This blog posting has been recorded by yours truly: I Touch Myself.

Touch Me.

Mmmmmm. I touch myself. Just saying it makes me tingle. Are you beginning to tingle?

Today I want to talk about ‘it’. You know; masturbation! Let’s admit it – we all do it! I do it. You do it. . . . → Read More: I Touch Myself