Sexy two Mistress call

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Note: This is a Guest Mistress Blog Post by Miss Jenna. See My Guest Post On Her Blog Here.

Nothing is more fun than having a hot two Mistress call especially with the diva-licious Ms. Scarlet.

Last week we  Jennahad so much fun sharing a sweet submissive together! He wanted things to start out seemingly “in charge” and then we got to do the old sexy switch-a-roo and turn the tables on him with some hot spanking. Ms. Scarlet was gorgeous as ever wearing a sexy black bra, panty set and heels. I was donning a purple bra, panties and peep toes.

Turn about is fair play spank you very much

Ms. Scarlet strode over to our submissive sitting on the bed. She seductively knelt between his legs teasing his hard and helpless cock. He gasped and pleaded and Ms. Scarlet got up and straddled him as he palmed  her ass. He expressed that he’d like if I spanked her while she rode him. I looked at her and we grinned at each other knowing that he’d get his comeuppance later. I came over and seductively spanked Ms. Scarlet’s beautiful pale ass while she rode his big cock. He switched positions and I knew I would have My opportunity to lay into him while he fucked her from behind. I broke out My big purple heart wood paddle. I swatted his ass hard because I wanted him to give Ms. Scarlet a good fucking and I knew the harder I spanked him the better he would fuck her. I walloped his ass without mercy leaving lovely little red welts on his ass cheeks. I was very happy to turn him into a great little fuck toy for Ms. Scarlet and a spank toy for Me. However you slice he was just Our toy and I loved the opportunity to play with Ms. Scarlet!

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