What happens in Vegas….stays in Vegas?

Unless it gets posted on My Blog!

As you know, I was with some of the other lovely Mistresses of LDW last week during our annual Mistress retreat. I had posted a blog called: Las Vegas Play Toys Wanted right before we left. A lot of you answered my call and there were plenty of play toys on the phone and on cam throughout my visit in Las Vegas.

I did have one rendezvous with a real time submissive while in town. We met through mutual friends in the BDSM lifestyle and he was eager to meet a real Mistress. I was eager to get my hands on a fresh play toy; I must admit! We had several phone calls prior to our meeting and I easily discovered his penchant for small penis humiliation and tease and denial.

We met for dinner one evening in the lobby of my hotel. I wore a very short and tight black lace dress with black leather boots laced up to my knees. I set out for the evening with the intention of creating our scene with some public humiliation right away.

As we sat at a table and began our initial chit chat to get to know one another; I went directly into Domme mode and asked him a very purposeful questions.

‘Just how small is your cock?’, I asked.

I felt him tense. He looked at me with pleading eyes, hoping I would ask him another question.

‘Did I stutter? How small is your cock?’

“It’s about four inches Mistress. It’s not that small.’, he said.

“Are you able to please a woman with your tongue then?” I asked.

His eyes grew large and I could almost hear his little prick spring to life in his pants. He nodded his head eagerly. “Yes Mistress I have a very talented tongue.’, he said.

“Stand up.”, I ordered.

“Miss?”, he countered.

“You heard me. Stand up. Now.”, I ordered.

He stood. His tiny prick was sticking straight out. He had a tent at the front of his pants. He tried to put his hands out to cover himself but when our eyes locked, he knew better. I told him to put his hands behind his back.

I had him stand there until the waitress came over with our menus. Her eyes fell over his extended crotch; as small is it was it was still noticeable.

By the time I let him sit back down, the tension was palpable. Our scene had begun and would only continue throughout the evening.

I took him to my hotel room. I taught him some lessons. I will share more of this story with you over the phone but let’s just say that he was a quivering, begging, pleading submissive by the time I was through with him. He offered to pay for my airline and hotel if I would stay a few more days and play with him. I declined. Tease. Deny. Tease. Deny.