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Welcome to my Kinky Wonderland post! Thanks Miss Kay Marie for organizing this super fun blog post train! I was trying to think of a story to share with you all……something to do with the holidays……something sexy……and it made me think about….my favorite BIG holiday package!

So, my lover told me to come to his place around Midnight on Christmas Eve. He told me to wear something festive, yet skimpy. I decided on a pair of red panties with a matching red balconette bra and a pair of ‘cum fuck me’ stilettos! A little wrap over the top and I was able to sneak into his apartment without drawing too much attention to myself.

There, in his living room, was a beautifully lit Christmas tree complete with ornaments and tinsel! And, laying underneath on the red tree skirt was this hunk of a man wearing nothing but a santa hat and a smile! Well, there was just one more thing he had to offer that night; it was a big shiny red bow wrapped around his thick, juicy erection. Talk about a holiday gift! His big cock was at least 8″ long although I had never measured it I could tell by the way I could use two hands to ‘unwrap’ it! He pushed a button on his remote control and holiday music came on over the speakers. He beckoned me to the floor to join him on the tree skirt and proceeded to start the ‘celebrations’!

I wasn’t sure if he was the present of if I was; it didn’t matter at all as we removed all of our decorations and enjoyed a night of hot sex – holiday style!

Mmmmmm. Wow do I love big holiday packages!

I know, I know – you want more details! I’m happy to share all of the delicious deets on our next sexy fantasy call!

Enjoy the rest of the Mistress’ Kinky Wonderland blogs all month long!

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