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You may remember my popular cum eating challenge called “Tower of Loads” – if you didn’t see it; you can read or listen to it here. I’ve received numerous calls and several emails from people wondering – who won the challenge?! I love curious perverts!

Who Won The Challenge?

Up For The Challenge?

Up For The Challenge?

The fact is that any guy that completed the challenge is a winner! A cum eating winner! This was a challenge; not a contest 😉 I may consider a contest in the future though so if you have any ideas about a cum eating contest; send them my way (email Not only did I get to hear from some of the challenge participants but I got to actually SEE some of them on webcam! (In case you didn’t know – yes, I can watch you on webcam during any sexy texting or phone sex session!)

I Watched On Cam!

One that sticks out the most for me was when I received a call from ‘John’. He invited me to view his webcam and once I did; he had the cam focused in on a ziplock bag that was filled with his saved up spunk! I was so excited! He was so thrilled to be able to actually show me that he had completed the challenge and of course, I then assisted him with a coached cum eating session. I also watched as another cam exhibitionist began the challenge by saving his very first load. He’ll be calling me four more times to complete the challenge and I can’t wait! Yet another stroker (J) milked a load out so that he could start the challenge ‘fresh’ and will be saving me 10 loads in an ice cube tray!

It’s Your Turn!

So, what about you? Do you have a craving for a whole Tower of Loads? Perhaps you haven’t yet taken the plunge and haven’t yet eaten that first load? I can help! I have a very high success rate and would be happy to help!