Welcome to the next stop on your Enchanted Enchantrix Forest Halloween Blog Train! I’m going to introduce you to a favorite kink of mine; Tickle Torture!

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A Wife’s Secret Fantasy

Halloween night is fast approaching! You and I have always enjoyed this very special holiday; usually going to a party dressed in couple’s costumes. This year; however, I thought we’d do something a bit different. You see, this year, I really want a treat; not a trick! I have been sensually teasing you all month long; letting you know that on Halloween night you are going to experience something totally new! We have an amazing sex life and both of us enjoy exploring some new kinks here and there. It’s no surprise to you when I ask you if I can be in charge on Halloween.

Will you submit to me and follow all of my instructions? I want you to allow me to completely indulge in an extremely erotic experience I’ve only been able to fantasize about previously. Will you be my treat this Halloween honey? I’m not going to give you any hints as to what it is, not a single clue to make things clear. I want you to anticipate what I might want, to be so turned on and aroused by my secret desire…………

Time To Reveal!

It’s Halloween night. You’ve been complimenting my outfit all night long. A tightly fitting black dress with matching sheer black stockings and heels. A simple, sexy outfit to tease you with all night long. Eventually; all of the candy has been handed out. The porch light is off. It’s just us. Wearing a knowing smile; I turn to you and tell you it’s time to begin our own private Halloween event. I take your hand and guide you to the bedroom……..lying there on your pillow is a handwritten note. I tell you to pick it up and to read it out loud……………………….

The Letter

I am ready to endure your deepest fantasy. Little did I know you’ve always dreamed of forcing me to laugh helplessly through extreme, non-consensual tickle torture. Tonight, bound by your stockings, my feet covered by a silk scarf, your dream will come true. As my Halloween treat to you, I want you to absolutely torture me. Yes, Scarlet.  I’m ticklish.  And as you tickle north to south, your fingertips winding down my squirming body, I will have no choice but to laugh and take it.
I know you can’t wait to hear me beg for mercy my dear Scarlet. I want you to cherish the sound of my hysterical laughter as you punctuate it with a bit of gentle yet humiliating teasing: “Tickle tickle my poor honey….coochie coochie coo.  Am I cruel?  Dance for me.”
There will be a few rules; I will only receive three breaks.  My safeword will be “No more, Mistress Scarlet I beg of you.”  Please punish me for using it by making me hold back my laughter, or the opposite, convincing myself aloud that it doesn’t tickle.   “I can’t hear you!,” you can tease as I try to do this while howling with laughter.
After my final break my punishment will be to actually beg you, at length & in detail, to remove the scarf from my feet & give me the worst tickling any man has received at the fingertips of a woman.  Yes, you will force me to laugh until I’m in tears…but it makes me happy to know how much my dear Scarlet will enjoy this. Tease me, interrogate me.  Force me to tell you I love it.  “Does it tickle?  How much?  Do you want me to stop?”
Torture me, Scarlet—please begin my Halloween tickling.

More Tickle Torture

After you read the letter, your eyes are big as you look at me. I nod, smile and ask you to remove your clothes and lie down on the bed…………….it’s time to begin your Tickle Torture………………
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