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I am the official LDW tabulator of cum squirts! (Thank you Mistress Alexis for that awesome title and idea! )

It’s Contest Time!

If you’ve read my last blog post – How Many Squirts? – you may have been inspired to give me a call and have me actually count them for you. Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to have a contest! It’s going to be a very short contest though so you’ll have to get your ‘entry’ in quickly!

Between now (9/29/15) and October 5th at Midnight EST; anyone that calls in and gets on cam (or does a sexy texting session with their cam on) is eligible. The contest is very simple – I mean, realllllly simple. All I want to know is……

Who Produces The Most Squirts?

Will it be you? Will you be crowned ‘He Who Squirts The Most’? You’ll need to make sure your cam is working before you call, consider setting up an appointment with me (just email me with your availability and we’ll make it happen –, be prepared to let me watch the entire time you masturbate so that I can literally count those squirts when you cum.

I Want To See The Money Shot!

I will keep a running list here of entries (I will only list you if you give me permission during our call or email me afterwards) here on this blog post – watch for updates!

Entry #1: Dick Wacker the Exhibition Pig! He only produced one pathetic dribble of a squirt – why, you ask? Because he wanked off without permission FIVE times the day prior! Unbelievable. Maybe he’ll get another chance before the contest is over. He does get props for slurping it all up.

Entry #2: John with the tiny penis – with only about 4″ it’s no surprise that he only gave me two squirts!

Entry #3: Todd The Wanker! – I watched him wank for about an hour before he pumped off SIX squirts of cum – big, long ropes too!

Entry #4: TBA

Entry #5: TBA

Whoever produces the MOST cum squirts (in ONE orgasm; not multiples) will receive a personally captioned photo of yours truly! Of course; just seeing your name here in lights with your squirt number recorded should be prize enough!

Notes: yes, orgasm edging is allowed – no, pre-cum doesn’t count – yes, you can eat your cum – no, eating it doesn’t get you bonus points but does get you smiles from Me!