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Just a little slightly erotic story from my recent travels………………….

Who knew that most of the streets of Spain would be made of cobblestone? It certainly wasn’t a thought in my mind as I was packing for my holiday. My black leather sexy high heels and my cork wedges (both generous gifts from my favorite pet) just didn’t love the figuratively curvy walkways in the city. As I wandered down the tiny winding alley ways, my heels would make quite a lovely sound that echoed off of the ancient walls. Fairly quickly I became used to the uneven feeling beneath my feet.

One night I found myself headed towards a tapas and wine place in Barcelona. I was teetering along in a tight skirt and flowey blouse. One of the terra cotta steps caught my heel and I started to waiver only catching myself on the arm of a well dressed man in a suit and tie with shiny black Italian leather shoes. Yes, I do notice all of those little details.

His hands came up to firmly grab my shoulders as he held me in place; insuring my safety. We shared a brief moment where he leaned into me and said “guapa”. I shook my head slightly from side to side to let him know that I didn’t speak much Spanish. He leaned in a little bit closer and whispered into my ear….”eres hermosa”.

He took his hands off of my shoulders and turned to walk in the opposite direction. I wanted to call out to him and invite him for a cocktail but my friends were waiting and I didn’t know how to ask. Later at the bar I asked my friends what ‘guapa’ mean and they told me that he had called me, a stranger in a strange place, beautiful.

A beautiful moment in a beautiful city. I will always remember him….and to pack sensible shoes.

P.S. – you have my permission to fantasize about my sexy legs in high heels.

Listen to me read this blog post.