Do you go on frequent business trips? Find yourself all alone in a crappy hotel room wishing you had some company? You can call me from anywhere; even from overseas! (for info on making calls from overseas see this page: Making Calls)

Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you don’t have access to me. I’m here no matter where you are. I also have some thoughts on hotel rooms……………

Hotel rooms are HOT!

  • You can make any sounds you want and nobody is going to say a thing to management; they’ll probably just listen in!
  • You don’t have to do any cleaning! I’m not recommending you be a complete pig; but you don’t have to worry about washing the linens.
  • There’s always free wi-fi; so you can also use skype if you want to get on cam for me during our session (our just have a live chat session!).

One more thing about hotels; there’s usually a sex shop somewhere close by if you want to go pick up a toy to use during our play time! I LOVE toys; and they can be disposable!

I hope you’ll call me during your next hotel stay so we can have some hot hijinks! I also make great company if you’re just looking for intelligent conversation.

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