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How many squirts? How many squirts does it take to milk out all of the cum from your balls? Don’t tell me you’ve never counted; I know you have!

I'll Keep Count!

I’ll Keep Count!

I’ve been on a bit of a counting kick lately. You may remember when I wanted you to save up a certain number of cum loads for an extreme cum eating challenge! Well, now I’m counting the actual ‘ropes’, ‘squirts’, ‘ejaculatory projections’ or male orgasms. Recently; I counted for ‘J’ and he had 7 ropes shoot out! Another masturbation addict; ‘V’ had 5! What about you? Are you a projectile squirter or more of a ‘secreter’?

Explode Like A Stick Of C4!

If you want to learn how to explode like a stick of c4; you’re going to need to practice some habits. Firstly, kegel exercises will help immensely. Yes, we usually hear this in regards to women’s health but take it from me, men can and should be doing kegel exercises as well. It’s a tightening of your pelvic floor muscles over and over (think of making your cock ‘jump’). This will absolutely help strengthen your ejaculation explosions!

Edging & Guided Masturbation

Once you’ve got those exercises down; it’s time to add in a lot of Edging! Edging is like tease and denial in that you masturbate and jerk off and just as you’re almost ready to explode; you back off and let it die down. Then, you pick it right back up! Doing this is so much fun (especially combining edging and guided masturbation) and can really make your ultimate orgasm more explosive! Also think about things such as how much sleep have you had, has your diet been good, are you physically healthy, is your head ‘in’ it (no pun intended!).

I Will Count Your Results!

No matter what happens; if your goal is to shoot a mile or just a few inches – it’s not always possible for every guy. Do the things I’ve mentioned above and see what happens. If your cum velocity turns more into a cum dribble; that’s OK! If you find you have multiple squirts of cum and you want me to count them for you; let’s have a masturbation session where you show me your cam (either on Skype or on Yahoo (enchantrixscarlet)) and I’ll be glad to keep count of the results!