How To Find A Bull For Your Hot Wife

First Time Hot Wife

Your wife is gorgeous, she’s sexy and she wants to have sex with other men. Of course; you’ve fantasized together about how amazing it would be if she cheated on you; with you knowing about it! It’s been so hot to have sex together and think about her with another man! After a long time of just talking about it; she’s made it very clear that she’s ready to go for it! Your hot wife wants YOU to find her a bull! This is going to become a reality!

It’s Finally Happening!

She thinks it’s so sexy and hot for you to be the one to find him for her; do you know what she’s looking for? Do you know what she needs in a bull? Better yet; do you know how to find one? I shared with you the ‘Top 5 Things A New Cuckold Can Do‘ in a past blog post; but this is geared more towards the ‘Hot Wife’ scenario. The fetishes and fantasies really can blend together; it’s up to you and your partner to define what you’re looking for exactly.

Do you want to have a ‘Hot Wife’ a ‘Female Led Relationship’, a ‘Cuckold Scenario‘ or something totally different that works for the two of you? Whatever you choose; is perfect! It can be sensual and loving. You might enjoy something humiliating and emasculating. Perhaps it’s you waiting at home for her or you could be right there playing with her and her bull – it is ALL up to you. My suggestions are just those; suggestions – and they’re not for everyone – so take the parts that fit your desires and go with them!

I’ve written a bit of a ‘How To’ below – with some tips and pointers I’ve gathered from my clients that are already in this type of relationship. Of course; I can vouch personally for all of the advice below; obviously………it’s from Me! I may not be a ‘hot wife’ but I’m certainly hot and I know just what kind of bull I prefer!

Create Profiles

You’re going to want to create profiles on multiple websites. Use search engines to look for sites that cater to things like: swingers, hot wife, cuckolds, couples dating, large cocks, etc. Write a simple profile and most importantly; put up sexy photos of your wife. Make sure you have her 100% consent and approval; do not put up a listing without communicating with your wife about it. Opening up your relationship in any way only works when everyone is up front and honest.

Keep in mind; the men are not invested in a relationship with your gorgeous bride. A ‘stunt cock’s’ only motivation is pleasure, control and the total ease of this type of scenario. He doesn’t want to know much about your marriage or the details of how you decided to bring in a bull. He just wants to see how sexy she is and to set up a date! So, keep your communication very simple – in your online/app ads you will always want to be very clear with statements such as:

  • Hot Wife Seeks Bull
  • Sexy Couple Looking For Bull For Wife Only (you can specify if you want to be able to watch/participate)
  • Cucked Husband Looking For Bull For Wife
  • Open Relationship Seeking Male for MMF (this is if YOU will be involved/participate/be there)
  • Cuckold Seeks Bull For MF Sex – No Strings

What To Write

You’ll want to describe your wife – her age, height, measurements if you have them. It can also be helpful to disclose a few sexual preferences she may have, You’ll want to have a lot of very detailed discussions with her about her true desires. Here are some examples of things a bull might find attractive and will make him respond to your ad:

  • Wife Likes Big Cocks Only – 8″ or more
  • No Condoms Needed/Bareback Welcome
  • Breeding Fantasies Encouraged
  • Husband Will/Will Not Be Present (this matters to a lot of bulls; some like the husband to be there and some don’t!)
  • Dinner – Drinks – Hotel – All Supplied By Husband
  • She Loves To Submit – Suck – Etc.

Contact Men Directly

Once you’ve put up the perfect profile; you’re going to want to start reaching out and contacting men that meet you and your wife’s criteria (distance, age, experience, size, race, etc.). You can’t just toss up a profile and expect men to reach out to you. A lot of these bulls are in high demand and you have to really show him you’re both interested! So start emailing and start making plans. If you need help writing a profile or would like to share the content with me to look over; let’s have a session!

I recommend the first meeting with a bull be at a hotel bar; it’s really a simple way to meet. Then, if things heat up – there’s a hotel room upstairs! I could go on and on about this fetish – there are so many variables, so many types of men, etc. However; I think I’ve given you enough to get started with and I’m always here for a phone or a live chat session to discuss this and anything else you might be thinking about.

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