Hi there! As you may have already heard or read; I am somewhat of a CFNM junkie! It’s true! I absolutely LOVE the Clothed Female Naked Male Fetish! I go to parties all over the country and even have a group of ladies local to me that throw parties in their own homes! There’s just something so HOT about having naked men exposed, embarassed, vulnerable, humiliated and NAKED!

I wrote a blog post recently about the CFNM Fetish and what it is as well as shared some stories about what happens at a CFNM party. I received so much interest that I have been thinking of new ideas for games and tasks that the naked male can do while I’m completely clothed. These tasks of course would be somewhat humiliating and would be for my complete enjoyment!

I have begun creating a game called The CFNM Dice Game. I hope to have it completed and posted sometime next week. However; I am finding it difficult to come up with Sixteen entirely different tasks to have in the game. The goal is to roll three dice and do the coordinating task for me. Hopefully; lots of the CFNM Dice Game players will be on web cam for me so I can really enjoy it! Some of the ideas I have had so far include jumping jacks, vaccuuming, tying ribbon around the ‘unit’, measuring, masturbating without cumming and listening while Mistress watches reality tv for five minutes!

This is where YOU come in – do you have any ideas for CFNM tasks? The requirements are that these must be actually physically possible (no, I can’t ask someone to tie his penis in a knot!), nothing painful, nothing that would cause an orgasm (teasing is fine!), it shouldn’t require anything that a person would need to go out and purchase, and it shouldn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Please post your ideas here or on Enchantrix Empire where I have a blog post written about this as well.