I’m Quarantined – You’re Quarantined – What To Do? What To Do?

I know! Let’s Get Naughty! We can still enjoy some intimacy while being socially distanced after all! I have lots of ideas on just how we can do that! Below are links to several of my favorite blog posts (AND audios!) about how we can talk kink, fetish, every day life, etc. through skype – through audios – through email.

I hope you’ll find some way to spend some time with me – until then; stay safe – germ free – and be kind to everyone.

Sexy Texting/Live Chat – this is the best way for us to connect intimately – yet quietly! Totally discreet, completely private and always secure and safe – using Skype is amazing with so much functionality and live, fast communication. Spending a block of time with me insures you get my 100% attention, no distractions, sneak into a sexy space with me – anytime!

Pre-Recorded .mp3 Audios & Customs – yes, they really do exist! I’ve created and recorded so many hot audios for you – lots of different fetishes to pick from – take a peek at the online store or request your own custom audio from me (I’m self quarantined – I have the time!)

Making Phone Sex Calls In Secret – Ohhhhhhhh yes, I have had my fair share of sneaky dickies in all forms! Calling in from the office – sneaking into the basement – calling from a ‘neighbor’s’ house! You name it! Where could you escape to – for some time with me?

Virtual Roleplay Lunch Date – Let’s meet up on skype; you let me know who I’m going to be portraying today – is it your demanding boss? The demure secretary wanting a raise? The devious VP angling in on your client base? The cleaning lady that stashed a webcam in your office? Mmmmmmmmmm – with roleplay – and with chat – anything is possible!

Show Me! I Want To See! – Getting on cam during a phone or chat session is an added level of sexy excitement! Exposing yourself to me isn’t for everyone; but if you have a webcam – it’s a definite possibility! Read this blog post to see what we can do on cam and how to get a cam session set up!