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It Was Three Inches! LOL

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I always get excited when I’m on the phone with someone and they say, ‘Will you watch me on my webcam?’ or ‘Can I show you my cock?’. I really get a thrill! What will it look like? How big will it be? How long can I tease him until he blows?!

I love to watch!

Well, the other night I had someone say, ‘I want to show you my tiny dick on cam Mistress.’. I agreed and then accepted his webcam invitation on Yahoo. At first he was just standing there wearing a pair of blue boxer shorts. I could only see him from the chest down. It was the perfect view! I was starting to feel the excitement because I was about to say….

Show It To Me.

He reached down and started pulling his shorts down and when he stood back up…..there it was. I had to look closer at my screen. Is this for real? Then, I started laughing and just couldn’t stop myself.

It Was So Small!

So tiny. Pathetic really. I told him to stroke it so I could see it grow. He reached down and covered that tiny thing up with his hand but could barely get ahold of it. I told him to just use two of his fingers and rub it like a woman would rub her clit.

He fingered it.

It didn’t grow. It turned a bright red; but it didn’t grow at all. It stayed about three inches long. I laughed so hard and knew that I would have fun cock teasing, humiliating, and tormenting that little thing. Laughing all the while!

Do you want to show me yours? Do you want to stroke for me?


10 comments to It Was Three Inches! LOL

  • PB

    Yes, yes, and yes. The third yes is to the question you did not ask…which is do I want to cum 🙂

  • Vanessa

    Yes Mistress Scarlet, I do want to show you Priscilla! She’s rather large for a girl cock! But she’s not a big manly cock at all! She’s shaved, well actually lasered, she’s well kept! She’s mosturized every day! Most of the time she’s got a thin landing strip just above! I get my legs waxed every month to add to the feminine effect! So, I don’t really crave small penis humiliation, but, am more interested in your reaction to a feminized girl cock!

  • little fella

    Oooh Miss Scarlet,
    Oh my, you sound like a couple of girlfriends I have had (but never kept). There is something there that just freezes me when an attractive lady mentions my size. I find it disabling. I become her trinket, her belonging, – humbly shy, made timid by her. I blush the deepest crimson. I’d love to tell you if I was not so timid and shy. I think I’d hardly be able to speak if I heard your lovely voice.

  • shy one

    dear miss scarlet,
    i blushed about 6 shades of crimson when i heard your beautiful voice in this clip
    i gues you know why i was blushing.

  • missy laflamme

    Hoi Mz Scarlett…you are sooo mean to me…i am not gay…i am just a sexy feemme male….that loves women soo much…that i am sorta one also……sorta…..i know what it feels like to be a girl…!!! So, missy laflamme on fb…there are a few now…but i am the one in MA…..and rachel..and a few other LDW women are on my friend list…..they think i am soooo sweet, so there..! Swish…Swish ya later..i am going shopping….for bananas and sausage and hot dogs…….LOL

  • missy laflamme

    i sorta like the idea of the heart….it will make me look like more of a tart……if you made me do it i would…wood………well, maybe the top tan lines 1st…that would make it more perm…as if… my ex keeps telling me…it only took one….and she knows i had one…….oooooh……she MADE me…it was a trap…..

  • missy laflamme

    i think the camera would be good…even most sissy things..i will regret it later…..and it will make me more hot for …things…..oh….

  • missy laflamme

    oh, remind me to tell you the “queen on the beach” story..yuo will love it i am sure..!

  • missy laflamme

    guess what…..they do know at my local grocerry storee….oh they check me out like a piece of meat…..i guess shorts while shaved isn’t anyway to hide my femme side…..”no i run a lot…ya, marathons….yup….what…no not in high heels…..i am not a fag…why would you saaaaaay thaaaat……oh stop…..ohmy..look how BIG it is…it is pointing at my mouth….ohgooouuulllppppp…..don’t tell anyone..wink wink….” you did not put my action pics on cl……not again… ex did also…

  • missy laflamme

    oh, so one bag boy said to the other…is that your sissy girlfriend in the aisle….uhm…the only “girl ” there was meeeee…..funny though..i was thinking the one bagging looked like he could use a bj….imagine if i got down on my knees right there…show time…..spurt…=facial…..i am sooo hot today…it will pass…..then i will be a man again, so therre…it IS your fault..and all women…missing out on a sweet male like me….

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