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I always get excited when I’m on the phone with someone and they say, ‘Will you watch me on my webcam?’ or ‘Can I show you my cock?’. I really get a thrill! What will it look like? How big will it be? How long can I tease him until he blows?!

I love to watch!

Well, the other night I had someone say, ‘I want to show you my tiny dick on cam Mistress.’. I agreed and then accepted his webcam invitation on Yahoo. At first he was just standing there wearing a pair of blue boxer shorts. I could only see him from the chest down. It was the perfect view! I was starting to feel the excitement because I was about to say….

Show It To Me.

He reached down and started pulling his shorts down and when he stood back up…..there it was. I had to look closer at my screen. Is this for real? Then, I started laughing and just couldn’t stop myself.

It Was So Small!

So tiny. Pathetic really. I told him to stroke it so I could see it grow. He reached down and covered that tiny thing up with his hand but could barely get ahold of it. I told him to just use two of his fingers and rub it like a woman would rub her clit.

He fingered it.

It didn’t grow. It turned a bright red; but it didn’t grow at all. It stayed about three inches long. I laughed so hard and knew that I would have fun cock teasing, humiliating, and tormenting that little thing. Laughing all the while!

Do you want to show me yours? Do you want to stroke for me?


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