I’m heading to Las Vegas for our annual LDW Mistress get together! Oh what hot action we are all going to have! Don’t you wish you could be at my feet while I’m playing blackjack? Or better yet, being the foot slave for all of the Mistresses at a slumber party?

Oh We will all be thinking about you, I promise!

I do have some exciting group calls and two Mistress calls planned during the trip. If you’re lucky enough to have one scheduled, you’d better get ready! When We are together in the same room, wearing our sexy lingerie and having a glass of wine, we really get extra naughty with our play toys. You are in for the most mind blowing phone experience of your life! I know you’re counting down the minutes to your opportunity to to talk to Us.

I know Miss Violet and I have a chronic stroker that We intend to bring to Fuckville over and over again (Fuckville is when a man gets so close to orgasm that he just starts murmuring fffffucccccck ffffffuccccck; I’m sure you’re familiar with it). Will we let him cum? Will he be given a release? Entirely up to US!

I also have a very curious girlfriend traveling with me and she gets so turned on when I tell her about some of my fun calls. Do you want to show off for her on cam? Tell her an embarassing story and listen to her laugh?

If you’d like to schedule something; please email me scarlet@enchantrixempire.com Also watch my Yahoo Status (enchantrixscarlet) to see what I’m doing and who I’m with anytime I’m logged in.

I’ll be with the other Mistresses and my girlfriend until Sunday. I’ll be in Vegas until Tuesday all by my lonesome; want to keep me company on the phone? I’m looking for Vegas play toys!