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Now that I’m a single girl on the town; I’m realizing that the selection of men is endless!

It reminscarletpanties1ds me of lingerie shopping; so many choices! How’s a girl to pick just one? The truth is…….I don’t have to pick just one! I’m in charge and I can have an entire collection of…….lingerie (and men!).

When choosing a man; there are many considerations that are the same as choosing a piece of lingerie. When I’m fingering a sexy piece of material (or sizing up a male); I’m always thinking of these main things….

The Right Fit?

Is this camisole going to fit my body perfectly? Is it going to be just the right amount of snugness over my breasts? I like a little bit of spill over; don’t you? When I’m Bra Shopping; sometimes I’ll go a cup size smaller just to get that nice, tight sensation. When it comes to men;I wonder if he’ll fit. Does he have a bulge in his pants or is it a smoothed out zipper area? Sometimes I can tell just by looking but sometimes I just have to try it on for myself to make sure!

Sometimes a girl knows what her preferred size is but every once in a while is willing to give something new a try!

Luxurious Materials?

I prefer the top of the line in quality. If I’m out on the town I rarely find myself dipping into my wallet; I like to find a man that knows how to shower me in luxury. Speaking of luxury; the material must be the absolute best! Silk is amazing against my body but occasionally; I want something a bit rougher. Know what I mean? My panty fetish can only be satisfied by new panties…..all the time!

Keep or Return?

Once in a while; I’ll buy an outfit just so I can take it home and try it on. If I like it; I’ll add it to my collection. If I don’t; I’ll just return it to the store. It’s nice to be able to take my time running my fingers over every inch, embracing the fit, learning how to adjust the straps and sometimes……. even falling in love with it.

Want to see what kind of lingerie I like? Just visit my Amazon wish list; you can even send me a little something for me to try on! I can’t wait for our next phone sex call; let’s try each other on…shall we?