What’s Masturbation May without multi mistress calls?! The Mistresses here at Ladies Dominating the World have a special gift just for you and your cock…………………you get to have TWO or MORE of us on your call for 20% off all month long! This is an amazing deal (we ran this promo a couple of months ago and we heard you begging for it again!) you just can’t miss out on! I know you’re either extremely excited or a little bit nervous to talk to more than just one of us – think you can handle double Domme’s? We’ll be the judge of that!

Multi Mistress Calls

I wanted to just share some ideas about what kind of sexy, kinky, erotic and fun things we can do together on a multi-mistress call – how to set one up – and share links to other articles that might help.

So, the thought of being tag-teamed by me and one of the other amazing ladies here has you rock hard doesn’t it? It’s ok; I know you think about it all the time! Let’s explore just a few of the ways we can have loads of fun on the phone or on skype with multi mistress calls all month long! Let’s really celebrate Masturbation May together!

The #1 reason you might want to have a Two or More Mistress Call

It’s simple! You want to masturbate while two women are teasing you and turning you on! The fantasy you have of jerking off in front of more than one woman can COME TRUE! It can be just on the phone with us or it can also include being on cam on skype during a session – read more about how to use skype cam during a session. Can’t you just imagine it? You have two or more of us on the phone wanting you to stroke for us – you are so excited you aren’t sure you can handle all of this sexiness but you want to give it a try!

We take turns teasing you, asking you questions, guiding you in your stroking and having fun all talking with one another. We are all so good at making sure to listen to your needs while enjoying each other at the same time! Maybe you need some JOI from multiple ladies? I know you’re interested in some tease and denial play? Are you sure you’re allowed to orgasm? Maybe you need to beg ALL of us for permission! OMG imagine the unbelievably sexy interactions we will have! Mmmmm!

You Want To Get Naked and Be Seen!

You know; I love seeing you naked. I love seeing your soft cock. I love seeing you undress and totally expose yourself.  CFnm (Clothed Female naked male) is one of my personal favorite fetishes! I would just love to have you naked for me and another one of my gorgeous friends! I really want to show you off! Do you want to read more about CFnm and find out how you can make this happen? Just click to read about my ‘Top 5 Hottest CFnm Blog Posts‘.

You Want Your Kinks Exposed!

You want me to share you with another woman don’t you? I bet you would just love to hear me tell someone else all about your fetishes and fantasies; to expose you for the pervy, kinky man you are! Are you sure I should tell her about that time you sucked a cock? Or about the way your wife cuckolds you with her big dicked lover? Would it really turn you on to hear us both giggling when I tell her your true penis size? Exposure and confessions are so fun with more than just the two of us; let’s add another Mistress and explore those deep down interests and needs of yours!

You have your personal reasons for wanting more than one voice on the phone with you – I hope you’ll take advantage of the Multi Mistress Calls discount and try a hot session! Did you know; you can pre-schedule a session if you have a preferred Mistress you’d like to add to our call by submitting my Schedule A Session Form. You can also invite the dispatcher to choose a Mistress to join us anytime!