Listen to me read this to you

You need me.

I know it. You know it. Let’s not pretend. I know you listened to my voice sample and you thought about me while you stroked your cock. That was only the first time. You came back and read my freshest blog post; listened to my latest audio. Then; you masturbated again.scarletcallme

Don’t masturbate
without me again.

Do you understand? Let me tell you why you need my masturbation guidance. You can’t reach the same level of enjoyment, the type of explosive orgasms that you can have when you have me with you. I want to be there with you. I want to be the reason you cum; the cause of your afterglow.

I want to drain you.

Your orgasms belong to me. Soon; you won’t be able to masturbate without me. You’ll touch yourself but it won’t be the same. My voice is going to become your addiction; you will find yourself yearning for me. You’ll want me to tell you to touch your balls; you always forget to do that when you’re on your own. I’m going to remind you of how I want you to stroke. I’m going to teach you how to edge during masturbation; how to bring yourself right to the edge of orgasm and then to back off.

Your orgasms are going to be amazing.

With me. Only with me. My voice in your ear; guiding you, teasing you, role playing your favorite fantasy, tormenting you. Cock control. Orgasm control. Making you feel amazing. You want me. You need me.

I want to drain you………………or deny you.