Well hello there! Did you miss me? I’ve been away at the Mistress Retreat since Monday. I had such an amazing time playing and frolickingReach Out And Touch Me with some of the lovely Mistresses of LDW. Don’t you wish you could’ve been a fly on the wall?

We had so much fun playing with some of you! I’ll never forget the evening we had one of our favorite stroker boys on cam for two hours! I put his cam view up on my laptop screen and sat it on the bed in front of the other ladies. We laughed and giggled, made him stroke until he looked like he was about to explode! I’m sure you’re wondering if we let him have a release aren’t you? *Giggle* Maybe I’ll keep that little secret just between us.

I also will never forget the night that Mistress Sonali and I went for a walk on the beach. We were chatting about some of our favorite callers and sharing stories when we saw a gigantic sea turtle crawling out of the ocean and right up the beach! We shared a magical time watching her build her nest and lay her eggs; quickly vanishing back into the crashing waves. I’ll never forget that beautiful experience and I’m so glad we were together for it!

I have lots of other stories to share; if you want to talk about them the next time you call in – just ask!

Now, for the great news – I’ve blocked off SIX whole hours for you today! That’s right! I’ll be available from 3PM to 9PM Eastern today for your phone sex sessions, sexy texting sessions, and web cam sessions! Don’t hesitate to pick up that phone, email me, or send me an IM anytime.

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