Here’s the first in my new monthly series: Scarlet Letters. You email your letter, confession, erotic story or a phone call review and if I pick yours to post on my blog; you get 5 Free minutes added to your next call to me! Read all about it here.

This month I’ve chosen to publish Mike’s letter; questioning his penis size. I’ve also decided to record Mike’s letter…..Click To Listen.

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Mike Questions His Size

Dear Scarlescarletletterst,
I am responding to your “letter request” on your blog.  I will use a pseudonym to keep my identity private.  I am not sure if this is a kink or a fetish or just “me”.  As a young boy I had questions about my “size”.  I was curious probably like most boys.  I was suspicious that I might be a bit on the small side.  As time went on and I went into High School I began to hear girls “talk”.  The topic of “size” seemed to come up with some frequency.  The girls were so pretty and I was so, so attracted.  It seemed that without exception when the topic of “size” or “endowment” came up  the girls always put endowed guys on a pedestal. I can still recall the first few times I heard the term “hung” or “well hung” and then later “endowed” or “well endowed”.  Yet I more than suspected that those terms definitely did not apply to me.  Many girls were quite upfront about it.  I did not have all this terminology then but knew I was not going to be the “alpha guy”.  I began to have a lot of desires to “do chores” for girls.  I know that might sound odd but I sort of connect it with the “endowment” stuff.  
I had one girlfriend in particular along the way who sort of “used me” like that.  Well, more than one but one was “over the top”.  She was not a dominatrix explicitly but sure could have been.  She was pretty, a bit older, and used my “size” in a dominating threatening kind of way.  I was often afraid she would bring it up when we were with her friends or in some public venue.  On occasion she did so more than once. But usually it was “just between us”.  She was a humiliatrix before I had even known the term. “Do you sometimes wish you weren’t tiny”?  “How big do you think HE is”?  “When did you first know you were small”?  She would bring up small penis “issues” nearly daily.  I don’t know why exactly – I just adored her still and wanted to be with her.  I learned to be quiet, not argue, go along. I blushed – a lot.  I think once she got the power she had she would continually up the ante – being more and more “extreme”. The worst was once when a girlfriend of hers was over and we had had dinner – she referenced it out rightly when it was time to clear the table.  Her voice still rings in my ears “Shouldn’t the least endowed of us get to clear”, she smiled.  I would “lose” my voice at those sort of comments. I could not speak up, at all. She sensed this – thus ramped it up more and more.  I felt so submissive with her – though again, I did not use that term totally then.  
I don’t recall “liking” the humiliation exactly but I felt bound to her.  I so wanted to stay.  Another guy would have left I am sure.  Often we had a “normal” relationship. But when push came to shove or something needed be decided or she wanted something – boom.  She would be quick to bring up
“the issue” and I would be quick to be quiet.  She understood how in charge she was and understood it a lot more than I did (or even do).
Mike (pseudonym)
Thank you Mike for submitting your letter! I can’t wait to talk with you about your size and how I might also bring up the issue repeatedly. I’ve emailed you with info on how to use your 5 Free Minutes; just reply back and we can set up a date and time!
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