Here’s the second installment in my new monthly series: Scarlet Letters. This letter/story was written and submitted by a very eager masturbator! He has been wondering and yearning to see if his letter was chosen; here’s your wet dream come true Kevin!

This month I’ve chosen to publish Kevin’s fun story; Misadventures of a Chronic Masturbator. I’ve also decided to record Kevin’s story…..Click To Listen.

Misadventures of a Chronic Masturbator

scarletlettersOur “hero” simply loved to masturbate to bikini clad women.  EmmaJane agreed to permit him to “beach wank” as she posed.  How romantic!  EJ insisted that, “for her safety,” he be tethered.  A reasonable request for this unorthodox sexual act.  

At the secluded beach, we see that our boy’s ankles have been tightly secured to a large rock by rope.  EJ ordered him to place his clothes beyond the tether point.  No sooner had he been secured did EJ clean out his wallet and exit!  He called after her but she didn’t give even a backward glance.  There the man stood: frustrated, alone, and naked. 

Then, the poor boy realized his true dilemma: the tide!  Of course, the water took his clothes far, far away.  The water then advanced, climbing his feet and then ankles!   Along came his rescue party: a group of 8 college girls in skimpy bikinis on spring break!!!  In panic, he screamed to them for help.  They rushed over, and understanding his danger, managed to free him.  (Done at close quarters, you can imagine the man’s brain overload: all this young, pretty female flesh right in his face!)  Finally free, he stood before them, sans clothing.  The girls, pretty drunk, laughed at the poor boy’s predicament. 

This luckless boy begged for clothes and water.  Scarlet pulled out her phone memorialized the scene.  There the trophy stood, the girls posing next to their caught “fish.”  They were merciless (Constance – pointing at his crotch and with the other hand showing her thumb and pointer finger an inch apart; Cecelia – pinky waving; Delia – laughing and crotch pointing; Violet – “oh my!” while hands on cheeks and eyeing the boy’s little soldier).  He was mortified . . . and hard, small as he was.  

As the sun set and air chilled, fires began to dot the beach.  Scarlet had the girls shield him by encircling him and walking the three miles of beach to their rented van.  As the temperature dropped, he shivered all the way with the girls rowdy and carrying on.  Quite a sight.

Once at the van, Scarlet dug out a sexy one shoulder, side cut out, black mini dress.  The dress was quite tight.  On the drive back to the hotel, the girls made him masturbate.  Cooper volunteered that there’d be no extra charge, unless he came, in which case, Scarlet’s clip would go worldwide.  The girls roared in laughter.  Harper sprayed the poor boy with her best perfume.  

At the hotel, the girls escorted him to the front desk.  The hostess (her eyes as big as saucers and trying mightily but unsuccessfully to hide her amusement) produced a replacement key card.  Scarlet slapped him hard on the ass as he walked into the elevator; the lobby erupted in laughter.  The girls waived good bye (a few pinky waiving!)  Wonder where poor Kevin is today?  

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