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This just in! I’m now using Skype for ALL of forms of chat. It is completely FREE to add me on Skype and to talk to me there (pg-rated adult chat only unless we are in a paid session).

My Skype ID is: thescarletmistress

Yes, I still have a yahoo messenger account and will check there from time to time……….however I will be using Skype for all forms of chat moving forward.

I am loving Skype! It has really changed things for me and I think you’ll love it, too.

Why should you add me and message me on Skype?

  • To schedule a call! I am always logged into Skype if I’m available for Sexy Texting and/or for phone calls. If you see me ‘available’; you can talk to me!
  • To have a Sexy Texting session – instead of using a chat room or yahoo messenger; I will be hosting all sexy text sessions right there on Skype – it’s SO easy! Read here for more on Sexy Texting.
  • Have Phone Sex on Skype! Instead of calling on the phone; you can use Skype for calling me! You’ll set up a sexy texting session but we will use the voice feature on skype instead of regular chat! Ask me how this can work for you.
  • To show off on cam for me! I would love to see you on cam while we have a chat session or a phone/skype voice session! (you do not have to go on cam; it is always an option)
  • To share photos while we play! You can send me your photos and images so easily!
  • Anonymous Application! You can put the app on your phone or laptop and create a username completely FREE.

I look forward to hearing from you on Skype!