You already know………I like things BIG! So, I’m having a BIG Holiday Audio Sale! I usually try to do something special over the Holiday season; to give you something that you can truly enjoy over and over again! It’s kindof like me; spoiling you with a gigantic discount! You see; audios can be listened to as many times as you want – you buy it once and it’s yours forever! Read on to find out more about this big sale as well as how to get a custom audio made with your specific fantasy, kink or idea in mind!

How Much? Where Can I Find These Amazingly HOT Audios?

My pre-recorded erotic audio collection can easily be found right here: Scarlet’s Erotic Audio Collection

I currently have 66 pre-recorded sexy audios! I really love making audios with different themes, kinks, fantasies, etc.

Why Buy Pre-Recorded Audios?

I love that LDW offers an entire store of pre-recorded audios! It means you can hear my voice anytime you want – literally – the store is open 24/7! If you can’t make a call or have a sexy texting session; buying one of my store audios might be perfect for you! These are all downloadable .mp3 files so can be played right on your phone or laptop – just pop in some ear buds and we’re in our own private fantasy world!

How Do You Come Up With Audio Themes?

Often I’m asked about how I come up with an idea for an audio. Well, that answer is simple! It comes from YOU! I often write down fun fantasies, ideas, quotes and sexy themes so that I can use them when I’m brainstorming to make a new audio. Sometimes I will think about what has been the most popular thing people have been calling in about lately. Once in a while it will be what was an exciting scenario or roleplay I had with someone. There’s never a shortage of sexy and kinky ideas! I’m always open to new thoughts for audios; do you have some? Feel free to email them to me!

What Kinks and Fetishes are available?

Currently; I have tons of themes but I’m always adding more! Right now you can find cuckold fantasies, cum eating instructions, chastity, domination, humiliation, sensual play, jerk off instruction, giantess and shrinking fantasies, lingerie love, panty boi and chastity! I’m always adding more; so make sure you’re checking my blog often to see what’s new! Is there a fetish missing from my collection? I love to hear from you; so let me know what you’d love to see added!

I Want Something More Personal

Oh, do you? Maybe you want to hear me say your name? Or to hear me talk about your particular fantasy; in detail? Great news! I can make you anything – I create custom erotic audios! A custom audio is for your ears only and will never be given to anyone else. I’ve created an entire page detailing how to write a script, what I need for an audio, how to come up with an idea, how to order, how much, etc. – Order A Custom Audio From Scarlet  I usually record my custom audios once a week; so you’ll receive it quickly.

I hope you have a very happy holiday and that I can be a part of it! Doesn’t matter if it’s a quick phone or live chat session, a gift from my wish list, buying an erotic audio from my store, ordering a custom audio or even leaving me a session review (Rate My Call) – I appreciate YOU this year and every year!

Scarlet xx