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Show Me! I Want to See!

get-naked-and-let-me-see-7 I’m writing this blog post as an instructional  reference for anyone that’s curious about how they can show me on web cam during a phone or sexy texting session.

Technology has helped make phone sex even more real. It’s not just a fantasy when you’re showing your Mistress what you can do on cam! It truly adds to the reality of our sexy sessions together. What sorts of things can you do to please your Mistress on web cam? Here are some of my suggestions but I always want to hear your ideas as well:

1. Guided Masturbation – Let Me guide your hand and your mind while you pleasure yourself – all for Me!

2. Small Penis Humiliation – It’s not enough to just tell Me how small you are; I need to see it!

3. CBT – Cock and Ball Torture and Teasing. I’ve made an audio with suggestions of what to have with you for a CBT session: LISTEN HERE

4. Cock Sucking Lessons – Are you already an avid cock sucker or perhaps you need some practice? Grab that dildo and get on cam for Me – show Me just how deep you can take it!

5. Coached Cum Eating – I want to SEE you EAT IT! Show me on that web cam how you take your hot spunk and lick it off your fingers, off of a plate or spray it right in your mouth!

6. Anal Play – Mistress loves to see you use your own ass. Pretend it’s My strap-on penetrating you deeply while I watch on web cam.

7. CFNM – Clothed Female Naked Male – I want you naked!

I can view your web cam on Skype (thescarletmistress) ONLY during a phone or text session. You are welcome to contact me so that we can easily connect while in session.

Please make sure to verify that I am available for a session BEFORE purchasing sexy texting time.

Please note: Regarding Skype; I do NOT stay logged into Skype and do not use it for a means of communication. I only log into Skype when I have a naughty man ready to show off for me.


5 comments to Show Me! I Want to See!

  • PB

    Ms Scarlet…great post…wow…getting on cam for the mistresses of LDW is one of my favorite things to do!!! I love every aspect of it…and you are right…it makes the fantasy seem more real. I love pulling out the dildo and pretending that it’s the mistresses strap-on as you make me orally pleasure it 🙂 I love being naked and pretending that you are sitting there right in front of me…with a sexy outfit on and guiding me to sexual bliss.

    I love getting on cam so much that when possible I setup two cams for the mistress to watch me. One with a view from the front, and another with a view from the side or back. I think giving the mistress more than one viewing angle at the same time allows her to fully appreciate and see everything, as well as make sure that everything is in view so that she can ensure I am doing exactly what she tells me to do 🙂

  • Scarlet

    Now that is the perfect video slut! Showing a view from both sides? Mmmm!

  • PB

    “Perfect video slut”…I like that phrase…lol. I find I also like the phrase “camwhore” 🙂

  • I love the eagerness in the way you wrote about coached cum eating! You make me want to throw my legs over my head and give you a show! (with your encouragement, of course!) I’ll happily lick it all up for you Scarlet!

  • I would love to have you do a cum eating session with me! Legs over head for Scarlet? Mmmmm yes!

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