A dream fantasy from my potential submissive, steven. Broken into 5 parts for your reading and listening enjoyment………

Adore My Ass

Adore My Ass

It’s 9 am and I am sitting at my office starting my day when my cell rings. It’s Scarlet and my body twinges with anticipation of hearing her voice. She sweetly says “good morning slut, i have a task for you today and if you are able to follow directions you might actually have an opportunity for the first time to please me tonight. Do you understand slut?” I mumble nervously so no one else in my office can hear my voice “yes Scarlet”. I am commanded to get up and go to the bathroom, get my cock hard, which by this time with Scarlet’s voice ringing in my ear, my cock is already straining against my pants. I am to jerk off for 5 minutes, then take a picture and text it as proof and then tuck my hard cock away and go about my work. I am also instructed to repeat this process every hour on the hour, take a pic and send as proof and obviously, absolutely no cumming. My orgasm is denied until Scarlet says otherwise. Scarlet’s instructions are the gift i have been patiently waiting for. If all tasks are completed successfully, at 4 I will be given Scarlet’s address and told to be at the doorstep promptly at 5.

It’s 4:58 and traffic has been horrible and I know that my tardiness will not be easily forgiven. Finally at 5:12 I pull up and run to the door, my heart is beating through my chest and every part of my body is nervous. I want to please Scarlet so bad and I am upset with myself already. I knock and the door opens. Scarlet’s voice is so beautiful, sweet and inviting “hello slut, welcome to my home” and her voice grows sweeter and kinder with every sentence “you’re late slut, that’s highly disappointing for your first impression, now strip naked and get on your knees”. I quickly close the door, strip and kneel and all I can do is stare at Scarlet in her sexy heels, flowery skirt and summer top. She turns around, lifts her skirt and pulls my head between her ass cheeks. “Now, greet your Miss properly and adore my ass” …I am in heaven. I breath in her sweetness and all I want to do is taste, lick and please Miss but her lovely panties are in my way from what I really want. She laughs and pulls away. She puts a submissive collar and a leash around my neck, turns around with the leash over her shoulder and leads me into the rest of her home.

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