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Stroke For Me

I know you can’t wait to stroke for me.Mistress Scarlet - Phone Sex - 1.800.601.6975 -

The truth is; I love controlling your cock stroking. I was thinking about how much I enjoy it when I re-wrote my bio for one of our most popular websites: – this is where you probably found me that first time. You were itching to stroke. Needing to jerk. Having that urge to masturbate for a sexy woman like me. I know.

So I re-wrote my bio there and I also recorded a brand new audio for that site; just to freshen things up a bit and to remind you just how much I love it when you stroke for me! I bet you haven’t been on that site in a while; go ahead – check it out!

Of course; my fetish interests have expanded the whole stroking thing and masturbation can now include showing me on webcam! OH HELL YEAH! And just in case you’re wondering – NO – it doesn’t cost anything extra. It’s so easy to set it up; I wrote a blog post with instructions on how to use skype for showing me during our next session – it’s called ‘Show Me! I Want To See!

So. Are you ready to stroke for me yet?

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