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Training Ms. Scarlet's New Submissive - Part 1

I want to share a story about my new real time submissive. His name is George and we met at a play party. He approached me and could barely make eye contact; he was so nervous. We stayed in touch and had dinner a couple of times. At each meal I would question him . . . → Read More: Training Ms. Scarlet’s New Submissive – Part 1

The Training of Gerald - Part 1

Gerald is¬†indeed a¬†special project of mine. It began with him instant messaging me on yahoo (enchantrixscarlet) repeatedly begging for some phone domination. I finally had him call me and we had quite a fun little web cam session. I found that he was easily manipulated and had an enormous instinct to be very feminine . . . → Read More: The Training of Gerald – Part 1