I know it sounds too good to be true – but it IS true! There are about a dozen LDW Mistresses all gathered together in sunny Florida for our annual Mistress retreat! Our lovely Head Mistress Ally has outdone herself this year; choosing a beautiful hotel for all of us to spend time together in. We have the most gorgeous rooms and we are right on the ocean! Here’s a picture from last year so you can see our view. We’ll all be having meals together, playing on the beach (wanna be our cabana boy?), swimming, receiving body massages, dancing and having slumber parties!

Just because we are on a retreat doesn’t mean we don’t want to PLAY with YOU! WE DO! Oh my gosh this is one of my favorite times of the year; when I can play with some of my favorite callers and web cam play things while actually sitting hip to hip by another Mistress (or two, or three…….!). Can you imagine it; calling in and hearing not just one voice – but several! And to be in the same room together teasing and tormenting YOU!

How can you be a part of the fun? It’s easy! You can watch here on my blog or on my Yahoo status message (enchantrixscarlet) to see when/if I’m available for direct calls. Or, just email me at scarlet@enchantrixempire.com and ask me if I’m available. I will have my smart phone with me all day and night and will reply pretty quickly (unless I’m busy with another call in which case I will return your email as soon as I am free). I can take your call solo or I can take your call with others in the background or I can set up a Two or More Mistress call with you.

Want to play with me solo? That’s absolutely an option! I have my own hotel room and can take your call there. Just email me!

Want to play with me and another Mistress (or more?)? You can have more than just having them in the background; you can have them actually participating in your call! More than one Mistress can be on the phone with you and watching you on webcam, too!  We call this a Two Mistress Call (or more than two!)! Ask me for details.

Who else is at the retreat? I’m sure you want to know who else is here with me. Right now I can tell you that Misstress Mandy and Mistress Hunter and Mistress Sophia are also here and are available for Two Mistress Calls and viewing your cam. I will add to this list as I receive permission from other Mistresses to add them (some are not taking calls and some have a full schedule of calls already!). You may email any of your favorite Mistresses and ask if they are available to play.

How long is the Retreat? We will be here until Thursday morning; catch us while you can!

Can I be on cam? YES! Absolutely! I will set up my laptop so that I and perhaps other Mistresses can see you on cam (using yahoo or skype)! Our personal play toy! If you want to stroke your cock for us on cam; we are ready to watch!

P.S. – I know some of you have been waiting for this week! We are SO excited to play with you! We’ve already been giggling and talking about who was going to show off on cam. Is it YOU?


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