I want to dedicate this blog post to ways to worship your Fem Domme. I often ask what type of service someone is offering when they call and the answer I often receive is ” Anything you want Mistress!”. Now, this may be exactly how you’re feeling in that moment; that you’re willing to do anything and everything to please me. I love to hear that; it tells me that you understand that I’m in charge and you’re in my service! However; in my opinion as a long time Mistress now, it is so much better for you to be specific in your communication with me. A submissive’s main duty in service is to make their Mistress’ life easier, to make dominating you enjoyable and rewarding!

An “Anything you want Mistress” response could mean I’ll have you washing my car, scrubbing the tile with a toothbrush or I might have you doing something that’s one of your hard limits! Communication is key in all relationships; especially in a Power Exchange dynamic. A Mistress shouldn’t have to guess at what you have to offer; you should be presenting it on a golden platter!

So, let’s work on a specific list of tasks, activities and ideas so that the next time you offer to worship your Mistress; you’ll be able to answer the question………….And just what do you have to offer ME?

Ways to Worship Your Fem Domme:



Being Respectful.

Are you surprised that this is the first thing on my list? You shouldn’t be. My favorite pets, submissives and playmates are respectful. What does this mean? It primarily means they communicate well with me. They will honor how I enjoy being addressed in session by asking me, they’ll read my blog for updates and to see if I’m available for a session or by scheduling sessions. Submitting a pre-call form so that I know a bit about you if we have never spent time together is a big sign of your respect. Always greeting me at the beginning of our session and thanking me before our time ends is very important. Those are just a few things that I recognize as being respectful.

Example: In an email or on skype: Mistress; are you available to spend 30 minutes with me on the phone this Thursday at either 11am est or 4pm est?

Body Worship.The Scarlet Mistress

Even on the phone; offering to worship my body is such a wonderful gift. I personally enjoy foot and hand massages immensely. I love a full body massage as well. Of course; you may be curious about my legs, breasts, my ass and other Goddess areas……………this is all negotiable between the two of us. Some are allowed access; others are not. Let’s find out what I’ll allow you to worship in our next session. Make sure to read more about Body Worship here.

Example: Mistress your body is a wonderland; may I have permission to provide some body worship for your pleasure?

Cock Control.

Mmmmmmmmmm. Just typing those words has me feeling my Domme energy! Turning over control of your erection, your orgasms – now that is true worship! I love to know how you feel about having your ejaculations controlled by me – taken away – restricted – let’s discover how you can serve me by edging, following my jerk off instructions and potentially offering me a worship puddle (or not!)

Example: Mistress; my cock is yours to control. I wish to worship you by following your guidance in stroking, edging and anything else you might find pleasure in.

Sexual Service.

This is a very specific way to worship because it could include you servicing my lovers somehow (be specific; are you offering hand jobs, blow jobs, cream pie cleanup, etc.)  you wish to apply to be a bull for Me (meaning you are like a stud, providing different forms of sexual pleasure to me as an act of service).

Example: Mistress; I would love to service your lover’s cock with my hands and my mouth if it pleases you.

Total Slut Service.

Again; very specific – how am I to know that you want to be taken to a glory hole where you’ll be expected to service a minimum of six men unless you tell me! I love slutting you out; tell me you want to.

Example: Mistress; I wish to be a total whore for you. Please slut me out. Please make me suck as many cocks as possible and service as many men as I can!


There are so many ways to interact with me around the LDW universe. The main one being leaving me excellent reviews at Rate My Call (this is for custom audios, recorded audios, phone and/or live chat sessions). You can also leave comments on my blog or any of the other amazing Mistresses blogs.

Example: Mistress; your latest blog post was so exciting! I left a comment there for you.

Ignore – Fantasy – Humiliation – Roleplay

There are so many other fantasies and fetishes that you can offer your Fem Domme. Being Ignored. Sharing a fantasy together. Asking for humiliation about your penis size, your masculinity, your cuck status, etc. and of course; role plays!

Example: Mistress I have a roleplay scenario I wonder if you’d like to fantasize with me during our session about…………………___________________………….?

Now that you’ve read some of my ideas; let’s hear YOURS! This is just a very short list; the opportunities to serve are absolutely endless and very personal. Use these to create your own type of offering.
You can also add in some things from my list of How To Spoil Your Mistress if you’re into spoiling!