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I saw the new Wonder Woman movie on Saturday with a group of girlfriends. We all dressed in outfits that made us feel the most powerful. I chose to wear some tight, dark blue jeans and a red tank top with black leather heels. I also wore two gold bracelets and big gold earrings. I wore my hair in a high ponytail so it curled down my back. Let me tell you what – when we left that theater we were all holding our heads up higher and our shoulders back – it was such a female empowering film! It was absolutely amazingWe Are All Wonder Women! – it was action packed, filled with a beautiful romance story and gave us the history of where Diana came from.

I can’t help but think of the women here at LDW – all of the other Mistresses. They are each unique with their own super powers and specialties. We are sortof like a tribe of amazon women if you think about it; all strong beauties that know how to control men! Now, Wonder Woman has the lasso of truth to get her men to talk during an interrogation; but don’t think for one minute that we don’t have plenty of tools at our disposal for making you spill your deepest truths. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing many calls with another Mistress here (two girl calls are amazing) and I’ve even spent time on vacation with several of them; believe me when I tell you that all men are helpless when being dominated by these women.

The specialty weapons we bring to each phone or chat session: brains, beauty, fetish experience, BDSM knowledge, creativity and oh did I mention we really know how to use your own cock against you?