Listen to this Blog Post – Read by Scarlet

Have you heard of Sexy Texting? It’s one of my favorite features here at LDW and I’d love to take you on a little tour of how you can have live, online only chat with ME! Look over to the right of this blog post and you’ll see my ‘Sexy Texting’ availability now 24/7! Know if I’m available by phone, by sexy texting or for both at anytime.

Sometimes you might not be in the mood for a phone chat; or perhaps you don’t have the privacy. Yet you find yourself craving the control and domination ,sensual tease and denial or just a chat/conversation with your favorite Mistress! How amazing would it be to get laptopchatto spend a little one on one alone time with me; right on your computer or on your smart phone? You can have just want you want through our Sexy Texting service. Through sexy texting you can purchase a block of time (10 minute minimum) and you and I can chat for that amount of time right on Yahoo IM! We can talk about anything there that we’d talk about on the phone. I’ll be all yours for as long as you want! There are discounts for larger blocks of time as well; just look at the pricing page at Sexy Texting.

The first thing to do of course is to find me on Yahoo Instant Messenger with the username enchantrixscarlet – you can add me there even if you just want to schedule a phone call or ask me a question. Yes, I do also offer the same service on Skype; however, I don’t stay logged into Skype so you’ll have to email me if you want to do something there (

It’s REALLY important that you contact me on Yahoo BEFORE you purchase a block of time. Just message me and ask if I’m available for a sexy chat and I’ll let you know my availability and schedule.

Once we’ve confirmed that we’re both available; it’s really simple! You just buy a block of time and we chat right on Yahoo IM (or Skype) for that amount of time. No dispatcher, no phone! Just the two of us.

Here’s a tip: If you have a webcam; YES, I can even watch you on cam while we chat! Just give me a heads up that you’d like to show me your cam – there is no additional charge! (You do know that I love to watch don’t you?)

I hope to ‘hear’ from you soon to set up a very private, sexy texting session soon.


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