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Sexy Texting

Listen to my Sexy Texting Voice Sample HERE.

I love Sexy Texting! I think it’s sensual and sexy…..and oh, so secret!

If you’re not in a comfortable position to make a phone call at the moment, if you have prying ears close by, if you’re at your office and just feeling horny…Sexy Texting is the solution!

Perhaps you’ve been chatting with me on that pesky Yahoo Instant Messenger (enchantrixscarlet) and you’d like to take our conversation to an even deeper level? Or, if you haven’t chatted with me yet, you’d like to skip the banter and get right to the “heart” of things?

You’ll be all mine for as long as you’d like. You will have my un-divided attention. We can talk about anything; I’m very open to your desires. Would you like me to direct your mind and hands through a Guided Masturbation Session? Maybe you’d like me to share a fantasy with your or role-play with yours? Do you need leading, guidance, discipline, small penis humiliation? Just some teasing or just someone to talk to? We can do all of that together; my bedroom door is open.

If you want to add an entirely new level to our sexy text session – add your web cam? If so, I can watch your cam on either Yahoo or on Skype – while we chat!

Here’s how to have a Sexy Text Session with Me:

1. Fill out my Pre-Call Questionnaire on my personal blog. This will give me all that I need in order for us to have a mutually enjoyable session. Feel free to let me know what kind of fantasy chat you’d like to have during our session.

2. E-mail me ( or message me on Yahoo (enchantrixscarlet) and confirm that I’m available for a session – make sure to please let me know how long a session you’d like to schedule.

3. Let me know what kind of session you’d like to have: a chat session on yahoo, a chat session while you’re on cam, a skype chat session (with or without you on cam) or a skype voice chat session. It’s important that I know which of these you’d like so that I can have the proper equipment ready (headset, mic).

4. Purchase your Sexy Texting time here – then message me with your email address information for confirmation.

5. Make sure you’re in a quiet, comfortable place and that you have any toys, lubes, sexy pictures, videos – or whatever you need to sneak away and spend some one on one time with Me!

Here are a few “Don’ts”: Don’t purchase time without asking me if I’m available first (and if I’m available for that amount of time first). Don’t message me on Yahoo or on Skype if you don’t see that I’m showing as available at that time. I won’t see your message until the next time I log in. If you want to have a Skype Voice session; it’s imperative you let me know ahead of time so that I can hook up my headset and microphone. Doing these things will provide us both with the best, most enjoyable session possible.