Multiple Mistress Calls

Listen to Me read this page to you: Mistress tells you about two girl calls!

Two Mistresses – Anytime!

Imagine it. My voice….teasing you, saying the things we’ve been talking about for a long time…………..and then there’s another voice………….she’s another Mistress here (which means she has experience) and we’ve invited her to join us. She and I take turns teasing you, taunting you, saying everything you’ve been longing to hear. Do you want her to know all of your dirty secrets and confessions? Want me to tell her? Want to just sit back and listen to us talk about you while you stroke? Want us both to watch you on web cam (read about skype sessions here)? Interested in getting naked for us (CFnm is so fun: Read my Top 5 Blogs about CFnm!). Two women to control your needy cock? Want us to help you eat your own cum?

That can ALL be arranged.

I’ll be adding this blog post as a regular page here on my blog so that you can reference it anytime (it will ‘live’ at the very top of my blog – under the ‘Two Girls’ heading). Having a three-some isn’t something you’ll want to do every day; but when you’re ready – you’ll have the info you need to set up a call and we’ll be right here waiting and ready to play with you.

How To Set Up A Two Girl Call

  1. When you call in to set up a call (a two girl call can’t be set up with click to call; you have to speak to a dispatcher); let the dispatcher know that you’d like to play with two women. If you already know who you want to speak to (Miss Scarlet and Miss…..); let her know. If the two you want aren’t available she can let you know other options to find the right Mistress to join us. You can also always visit this page to see who’s logged in for calls and who’s available at that moment: See The Available Mistresses.
  2. The dispatcher will set up the call; she’ll need to know how much time you’d like to play (you can set a time limit of 10 minutes and more or you can just leave the call open).
  3. You’ll be connected to the both of us! You won’t be connected until both Mistresses are on the line. We’ll introduce ourselves and go from there!

Tips: Feel free to send me an email ahead of time if you want to have a two girl call; I can recommend a Mistress to join us ( You can also let me know if there’s a specific roleplay or fantasy you have. You can even fill out my pre-call questionnaire if you want me to have all the info ahead of time.

More tips on Doubling Your Fun – Here.
Purchase pre-recorded two Mistress audios with myself and Mistress Iris: CFnm fun & Flight 777.

Note: Pricing for two girls is NOT double! Calls are regularly $ per minute with a 10 minute minimum. Here are our multiple mistress per minute prices:

Two Mistresses – $4.59 per minute

Three Mistresses – $6.19 per minute

Four Mistresses – $7.79 per minute

Five Mistresses – $9.39 per minute