Spoil Your Mistress

Spoil Your Mistress


There are so many ways to shower me with your affections, to thank me for an amazing session, or to just surprise me! It brings great joy to my life to know that I have affected you in such a way that you would go above and beyond a session to show me how much you care. Keep in mind that I absolutely LOVE talking with you and I don’t expect anything beyond your sessions and time. I appreciate YOU. However; if you are so inclined……here are the many ways that you may shower me with gifts and tokens of your devotion.

Virtual Bouquet$

A virtual bouquet is a cash gift that is given directly to me. This is the only way to give me a monetary gift. You may give a virtual bouquet in any amount by doing one of the following A.) Letting the dispatcher know when you call in that you would like to leave an additional virtual bouquet B.) At the end of our call; ask me to send you to the dispatcher so you may leave me a virtual bouquet C.) Within 7 days of our last call; you may call 1-800-601-6975 anytime to leave me a virtual bouquet.

Southwest Airlines E-Gift Card

Mistress travels QUITE a lot. When we have phone sessions, I could be here in Florida or anywhere across the globe! I am a gypsy and my favorite way to travel is on my favorite airline – Jetblue! You can send me an e-gift card right to my email address scarlet@enchantrixempire.com – Thanks!


Amazon E-Gift cards are sent to me by email so they are instantly redeemable. I can then purchase anything I want from Amazon.com (magazine subscriptions, makeup, shoes, toys, clothes for my puppy – anything my heart desires) and ship it directly to myself. To purchase an Amazon.com e-gift card; just follow this link and use my email address to send it to: scarlet@enchantrixempire.com


I created a Wish List on Amazon.com of items that I would love to have. I’ve chosen items that are both expensive and inexpensive. It truly is not the cost of an item that means the most; it is the thought! You can’t go wrong with picking something from my list and ordering it for me.

You won’t find clothes or lingerie on my list because those are much preferred to be purchased where I can try them on. However, a gift card to a store near me would be great!

Share Your Session Review & Make Comments On My Blog

I also appreciate your participation in the Rate Our Call section of LDW. It is very important to me that I provide the absolute best call possible and your feedback always helps me with that. If you had a fabulous call; please tell me at my Mistress Reviews Page. I also LOVE seeing your comments on my blog posts; so please take the time to read any blog postings that interest you and share your thoughts and ideas!