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Want To Talk To Me?

Did you know; I’m often on Skype? I sign into skype quite a lot – even when I’m not available for phone calls! I like to hang out there so I can chat with you, set up our next call, have sexy live chats, etc. So – download Skype if you don’t already have it – look me up with my screenname (thescarletmistress) and add me! Say hi anytime! Skype is NOT just for web camming; most of the time I use it just for chat! (Note: if you’re new to skype it’s important to know that you may see my screenname but unless it says ‘available’ or there’s a green dot by my name; I may not be signed in and won’t see your messages until my next sign in – I promise; I will never ignore your messages – I may not be able to reply right away)

I do most sessions BY APPOINTMENT: email me ( with your request (include a date and approximate time that works best for you and I’ll do my best to make it happen) or skype me (thescarletmistress) – otherwise; just call me when you see my line is ON (see that sexy phone on the right side of my screen? It tells you what my status is – red means I’m not here, green means you can call me, yellow means I’m busy)

What’s New? This is where I’ll be putting links to my guest blog posts, bios, audios, etc.

Newest Audio: You Want A Slut Wife
Newest Essay:
Our Virtual Roleplay Lunch Date!redhairphone

Personal Gifts & Tips! Did you know; you can leave me a cash tip for our call? Just mention it to the dispatcher before we connect; or call them back after our call and they can add it to your charge. Also, I’m always adding new items to my Personal Amazon Wish List – or if you prefer I pick something out – just send an amazon e-gift card to – thank you!

Pre-Call Questionnaire: Don’t forget to fill out my pre-call form if you’d like me to know some things about you prior to our call.

Would you like to hear pre-recorded erotic audios? Here they all are: My Audio Store

I also make Custom Recorded Audios – send me a script and I’ll record it for you. Ask me about pricing.

~ Scarlet

25 comments to Scarlet’s Updates! Schedule & News……….

  • Mistress Scarlett you know i have your featured day already marked off on my calendar! 🙂
    If you like i can go on my cam on YIM and you can see me in my lingerie and i will even suck my Dildo for you as you dominate and humiliate me for your pleasure? 😉

  • steven

    Im a ginger Junkie I love seeing Red hair women.. I tend to stair a bit to long at thier sexy selves .. 🙂

  • Happy Belated birthday to You and to yours. I hope you spent it doing something truly fun. You will love your new blue ray player that your secret admirer sent you. Much like your other fans, I too am a red head fan. There is nothing quite like the spice of a ginger haired woman. You definitely have the lusty and passionate fire inside of you. Glad you are here!! Love, Ms. Simone

  • Your new audio sounds extremely hot. Then again, I know that you make fabulous audios. They are all over our store on Enchantrix Empire. I can see the small penis humiliation fans lining up to get their own copy of this audio. They will want it to stroke by when their Scarlet Mistress is unavailable. *wink*

  • Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, and it’s not only sissies that like goodies! Is there any better gift for your subbies to treat themselves than your erotic audios? I imagine many men hiding out under the tree with their new iPods having a little time alone with their sexy Scarlet Mistress! 🙂

  • Your sexy audios are FUN Ms Scarlet! Fun and very wicked like your new audio about the poor guys with loser dicks … awwww, you might say he’s got a small penis in a sweet voice but honestly the wicked bite of erotic humiliation is still there. Mean or sweet the result is the same …. you deserve a good looking stud with an amazing big cock …. not some weenie wimp loser with a pitiful small dick. ~laughs~

  • I am so happy you had a good Christmas, Ms. Scarlet! You deserve it! And you know what? I think out 2015 is going be the best year ever! I am so happy to be a part of the LDW Family! Every year, we just get better and better! I love us! Happy New Year, everyone!

  • Ms Scarlet ~ I would definitely share one of my secrets for five minutes with you. And one of my secrets is ~ I would love five minutes with you – wink. How sweet of you to reward those who adore you so. I have to tell you, I loved your audio “Your Penis is Too Small Honey”, sometimes, you just have to call a spade a spade and tell it to them straight.

  • Scarlet, how funny. Why would the husband even imagine that he could please his wife? Maybe, all future wives should have men pull down those pants first, to measure the cock size? Then, I suppose there would be zero men to cuckold or make fun of!!!That doesn’t sound good at all… We have to have some puny peckers around 🙂 .

  • I was a little confused seeing all the different dates attached to the comments that have been made on this post, thinking I’d missed wishing You Happy Birthday today. lol The important thing, though, is the reminder about the podcast You made. A threesome, huh? *giggle* I, like steven, have a thing for redheads, as You well know from past 2-Mistress calls when My situational bisexuality has been activated, and I might just have to take a listen Myself!

  • Goddess Gia

    Ms Scarlet, what a great way to let your reader and callers and potential callers know what you are up to. I love how much access they have to you even when you are busy or away. There is no excuse for any of them to not have a piece of you when you make it so clear and easy for them to get a hold of you and even serve you!

  • Scarlet

    Thanks Miss Gia! I am sure I saw it on another Mistress’s blog many years ago and I felt the same way so implemented it myself 🙂

  • Ms. Scarlet, I knew you were multi orgasmic, but now I see how multi tasked you are! Wow, all of your callers know exactly where to find you, follow you and listen to that sexy voice! You, my friend are organized to a T. I love that. I an see you as a teacher telling everyone how to do things just “so”. lol

  • Can you help me dress up and eat cum

  • Scarlet

    Oh yes I certainly can help you dress up and become a cum eater, too!

  • What should I put on first!

  • Not sure what I should wear! Should I cut on my dido and lack it off?

  • I mean explode on my dildo and lick it off!

  • Ms Cooper

    Wow Ms Scarlet that sounds like an amazing trip and I hope that you enjoy every minute of it. Your new office sounds very comfy and sexy and I know that you will continue to create those hot audios regardless of where you are working from

  • Mistress Amber

    Well, this is the first I’ve heard about your European vacation, and it sounds like you are going to have quite the time resting and recharging while touring some of the most beautiful parts of the world. We all have to get away sometimes, and my favorite thing about traveling is all the naughty, no-strings sexual dalliances that one can enjoy when you’re just getting swept away in the romance and adventure of it all. Have fun and take tons of pics!

  • Ms. Scarlet I bet you are going to bring some of those European men to their knees!You do make hot audios,so your callers stateside will have enough of your voice to edge with.I’m sure with the holidays coming there will be plenty of gifts to welcome you back 🙂

  • Welcome back home, Ms Scarlett. I am SO happy that you are back. The guys and sissies missed you, and so did I. I know you did some calls, but your sexy presence not being here as usual left this void that was simply not possible to fill. I know one specific desperate stroker who has been watching for both of us online at the same time all summer long. *laugh* Let me just say “Fuckville”. *wink*

  • Needy

    Well Ms. V, right now she made take a leisurely stroll thru the “ville” and then sent me to “Deny Peak” and left me there…..

  • Glad you’re back Ms. Scarlet!!! The guys have been clamoring for you and the empire is definitely sexier with you around. What a wonderful idea those cruise gift cards are. Callers will totally enjoy knowing their mistress is having fun at their expense.

  • Welcome back Ms. Scarlet and Happy Happy Birthday!! Hope Santa stuffs your stocking with good kinky cheer this year!! Your audios are super sexy as always. Hopefully we’ll get to jingle some balls together this December!

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