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Stripped At The Security Check Point! Part 2 of 3

Read or listen to Part 1 Here.

This blog post has been recorded for your listening enjoyment: Listen Here

TSA Agent Scarlet was sitting behind a large desk. She had crossed her legs and propped her feet up. He couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering up and down those long legs; they were mesmerizing! . . . → Read More: Stripped At The Security Check Point! Part 2 of 3

The Evil Escort! An SPH Experience

S.P.H. = Small Penis Humiliation

Do you have a less than average sized penis? An itty bitty weenie? A clitoris for a cock?

If SPH is your thing; you have just got to hear this story!

One of my favorite humiliation callers told me about a real life experience that he once had. He . . . → Read More: The Evil Escort! An SPH Experience

Naughty Nurse Scarlet

I have a very active sexual imagination; don’t you? As your sensual mistress; I want to share a naughty little story with you.

I was recently visiting a friend in the hospital and she was telling me how she had to have sponge baths every day because she couldn’t make it safely to the shower . . . → Read More: Naughty Nurse Scarlet

Casual Encounters – M4M

Your fem dom mistress has written a sexy fantasy for those that may be ‘curious’………..

You read the ad over and over again. The title was ‘late night bj m4m’. The ad said simply: ‘come to my hotel.  drop to your knees and blow me ‘til I cum.’ And a picture. Oh the picture. . . . → Read More: Casual Encounters – M4M