My Call Reviews

Hi I called Mistress Scarlet yesterday and my dick is still twitching as I think about the call. I was naked on cam and she had me do all kinds of nasty and very humiliating things as she laughed at me. The call ended with me drinking all of my cum from a martini glass. – Dickwacker

I was very lucky to have called Mistress Scarlet in the first place, call me shallow but the reason I called her the first time was her remarkable beauty, and those piercing blue eyes. I was pleasantly surprised when we talked, she is a pleasure to talk to, her voice is out of this world and she has wild imagination. Mistress Scarlet knows she is in control and reminds you with that in her gentle subtle way. – slave m

Scarlet is great. She made me feel comfortable, took time, and teased me just the right amount. She knew when I needed release, and had me heels over head shooting into my mouth without me even thinking of hesitating. Thanks again Scarlet! – phil

Her voice is amazing and she had great instincts about what I needed to hear and how to control me. – J.

I have talked with nearly 30 of the LDW Mistresses over the years and Mistress Scarlet is among the best of the best. – Anonymous

Scarlet had an amazing imagination and really made me feel like she got into the experience with me. – Anonymous

Scarlet was amazing! I’ve had a few experiences with phone sex and I’m honestly saying that Scarlet has been the best. The biggest turn on for me was her incredible imagination and ability to go into great detail. Her very sexy voice and wicked laugh really just puts you in your place immediately. Scarlet, Thank you so much. I will definately be calling again soon. – Cummy Pig

Every call is important to me and I want YOU to be sure that I’m the right mistress for your unique needs. I encourage you to take a few moments to read through my Call Reviews. I’m sure you’ll quickly pick up that phone and ask for me when you’re through reading. Wink. Wink.

I’d also like to thank my callers that have taken the time to Rate Their Call. I sincerely appreciate you doing that for me!