Holiday Wish Lists & Discounts!

Make sure to see my new blog post: Sexy Holidays! 25% off ALL Audios! Looking for me? Why not check on skype? Skype is NOT just for webcamming - it's just like a chat - I'm often there setting up calls and saying hi - come see - thescarletmistress is my username. I do...

Squats: A Booty Worship Fantasy!

You already know how well I take care of my body. I'm always out on the paddleboard, the kayak or at the gym. You'll hear me using terms like cardio, core, leg day, arm day, tabata, etc. when I talk about my work outs. I work out nearly every day; if I'm not heading...

Let’s Play A Little Game

Let's Play A Little Game! I've written here before about the Giantess and Shrinking Fantasy - and I'm sure you noticed that I have several exclusive, erotic audios in our Phone Sex Audios Store that have this theme, right? Well, great news for those fans that love...

National Orgasm Day

Yes, Yes, Yes! It's National Orgasm Day! I've already celebrated once today - how about you? (Note: If you are in an extended orgasm denial program and/or chastity agreement/device - you do NOT get to celebrate this day) In my opinion; every day should be National...

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