National Orgasm Day

Yes, Yes, Yes! It's National Orgasm Day! I've already celebrated once today - how about you? (Note: If you are in an extended orgasm denial program and/or chastity agreement/device - you do NOT get to celebrate this day) In my opinion; every day should be National...

Do I Use A Vibrator?

Yes, I use a vibrator! You've been fantasizing about me masturbating again haven't you? Wondering just how I do it. Thinking about what it would be like to be there, to listen, to participate? Honestly; I'm a sensual Mistress and I love to masturbate - and I do it...

Cum Mixology 101

Hello cum eater! This blog is for you! I am so excited to give you some ideas on Cum Mixology! What's cum mixology? Well, it's when you take your fresh or saved load of cum and you mix it up with something to give it a different type of flavor. A new taste, a cum...

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