April Is…….Weird

We're all in the same situation right now - experiencing this collective 'pause' - I'm so grateful to LDW and to the Mistresses and especially to my clients that are keeping me positive! The isolation and quarantines have really been messing with our heads - and I've...

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine? I always love this time of year; when you go into the stores and see love everywhere. Yes, I know it's a commercial holiday - and I'm ok with that! I once had someone ask me why we would be taking calls on Valentine's Day instead of being with our...

Squats: A Booty Worship Fantasy!

You already know how well I take care of my body. I'm always out on the paddleboard, the kayak or at the gym. You'll hear me using terms like cardio, core, leg day, arm day, tabata, etc. when I talk about my work outs. I work out nearly every day; if I'm not heading...

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