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Did you know; I’m often on Skype? I sign into skype quite a lot – even when I’m not available for phone calls! I like to hang out there so I can chat with you, set up our next call, have sexy live chats, etc. So – download Skype if you don’t already have it – look me up with my screenname (thescarletmistress) and add me! Say hi anytime! Skype is NOT just for web camming; most of the time I use it just for chat! (Note: if you’re new to skype it’s important to know that you may see my screenname but unless it says ‘available’ or there’s a green dot by my name; I may not be signed in and won’t see your messages until my next sign in – I promise; I will never ignore your messages – I may not be able to reply right away)

I do most sessions BY APPOINTMENT: email me ( with your request (include a date and approximate time that works best for you and I’ll do my best to make it happen) or skype me (thescarletmistress) – otherwise; just call me when you see my line is ON (see that sexy phone on the right side of my screen? It tells you what my status is – red means I’m not here, green means you can call me, yellow means I’m busy)

What’s New? This is where I’ll be putting links to my guest blog posts, bios, audios, etc.

Newest Audio: You Want A Slut Wife
Newest Essay:
Our Virtual Roleplay Lunch Date!redhairphone

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Pre-Call Questionnaire: Don’t forget to fill out my pre-call form if you’d like me to know some things about you prior to our call.

Would you like to hear pre-recorded erotic audios? Here they all are: My Audio Store

I also make Custom Recorded Audios – send me a script and I’ll record it for you. Ask me about pricing.

~ Scarlet

BDE vs sds: Big Dick Energy vs. small dick syndrome

Lately people have been asking me about the term ‘BDE’. It seems this term is getting used a lot more; especially on social media. In order to explain BDE; I have to also explain it’s complete opposite…….sds! Here we go…………..

BDE = Big Dick Energy
sds = small dick syndrome

I bet you read those descriptions and that you already know which one you have; either BDE or sds – don’t you?

Let me go into a little more detail about each one; just in case you’re wondering how women can tell which one you have…………………

BDE – mmmmmm – a man with BDE is confident, he knows how to talk with women, he can carry himself in any environment, he sometimes wears clothes (i.e. tailored dress pants) that show off his big cock package, he’s not afraid to talk to anyone and he always makes the first and final move. Often this term is used to describe a man that has the attitude of ‘getting what he wants’ in every situation. Example: Tom walked into the boardroom and every head turned; it was as if they could smell the BDE dripping from him.

sds – well, it’s the complete opposite. Most men with sds (there are few exceptions) don’t have a confident walk, are unable to make eye contact with beautiful women, wait for a woman to ‘make a move’ (aka ask for a date, first kiss, initiate sex), don’t usually hold high powered jobs (current potus is the obvious exception here), take orders from men with BDE. Example: Shawn had such bad sds that he just sat at the bar sipping on a soda while he watched everyone else have a good time.

Now, these are broad generalizations of course – however, in my experience as a woman and as a Mistress; these are pretty spot on!

Now that you know these two terms – you should also know about a couple of ’emojis’ that represent some sexual things – the big purple eggplant represents a big dick and a juicy peach represents a sexy ass. You’re welcome.

Let’s Watch Some Porn Together!

Watch Porn & Stroke!

Do you love watching porn while you masturbate? So do I!

Most women won’t share with you the fact that they enjoy watching porn just as much as men do! But, as you know, I’m not your average chick! I have a very high sex drive, too many fetishes to name and I really enjoy exploring sexuality.

How hot would it be to watch some porn together during one of our fantasy phone sessions or a hot sexy texting live chat session?

We can do this in a few different, creative ways:

  • Send me an email ( ahead of our next session with links to the videos you’d like us to watch together. Then, when you call in, I can open the links and we can watch at the same time!
  • If you and I are connected on Skype (thescarletmistress); you can send me the links right there!
  • If you and I have had sessions before; you can ask me to find a couple of links to videos that I think you would like – this is only for someone that I know; because I need to have an idea of the types of porn you will really enjoy. Feel free to ask me!

I also want you to think about a couple of other options when it comes to porn – it doesn’t always have to be porn that just ‘gets you hard’ – it can also be porn that has a storyline to it, or even porn with a very specific fetish built in – or, have you considered ‘humiliation porn’? If you have had thoughts about other men, sucking cock, being cuckolded or eating your own cum – perhaps you need to be ‘coerced’ into watching some of these categories!

Notes: ‘Porn’ can be videos or pictures (even a link to a tumblr page)! Please only send link to reputable sites that don’t have viruses (pornhub, xhamster, xvids, etc. are all ok). Do not send me links if you do not intend to have a session. I will not watch videos outside of a session; only during a session.

Cum Eating: Does Pre-Cum Count?

Coached Cum Eating Calls With The Scarlet Mistress 1.800.601.6975

So you’ve been watching cum eating and dominatrix porn videos where they make a man swallow his own cum. It’s turned you on. You want to do it, too. How exciting!

Cum eating is a very popular fetish but one that many men find difficult to actually do. I’ve been coaching and training men to eat their own cum for years; so, believe me, I know! Here at LDW group we have a wonderful website called Coached Cum Eating where you can read essays and see which of our sexy Mistresses (if I’m not available for a call; you have options!) are into helping men turn cum eating fantasies into reality.

The issue is that you get so excited at the thought of eating it, at the foreplay aspect of masturbating on your way to orgasm, of being guided and coerced; convinced and teased to do it. But then… cum…..and you lose that ‘urge’ don’t you? You change your mind. Your cock tells you it’s not interested.

Not a big deal – the good news is that we can try and try again – and again – and again! I have techniques, tricks, ideas and ways…….to help make it happen. But, what about tasting the pre-cum? Does that count as actually ‘eating your cum’?

If you’re masturbating and you produce some pre-cum; have you rubbed your fingers into it and then sucked them off? Have you licked it off? Did you like the taste?

Good! Excellent! I want you to keep doing that – but, let’s make absolutely no mistake in being very clear on how I feel about whether or not eating your pre-cum counts as cum eating.

It doesn’t.

It’s as simple as that. It’s not cum. It’s not enough. It does not count.

It’s a good start – I recommend it – I encourage it. But, you are not an actual cum eater until you’ve actually eaten your whole load.

Want my Coached Cum Eating help? Schedule a session with me for phone or live chat – or – if you want immediate instructions; I offer two pre-recorded audios: Eat Your Cum Shot and Guided Cum Eating.

You Want A Slut Wife

Men come to me for advice on how to turn their wives into a slut wife quite often. I have found that most men fantasize and jerk off while thinking about their wives being fucked by other men. Do you think about it?

Maybe you have a girlfriend, a wife, a lover or even if you’re single it’s a natural thought to have; I think it’s almost primal in some male brains to be honest. To think bout men that she’s been with before you, to consider her sleeping with the men that look at her when you’re together. To imagine her taking it farther; getting what she needs. Not every man wants this. But, you do. Don’t you?

Your fantasies have a place here. I’m very familiar with the slut wife, hot wife and all versions of cuckolding. I would love to have a phone session or a live chat session with you where you can open up about your secret desires and we can even roleplay them. If you want your wife to cuckold you; we can talk about that and I can give you help and ideas.

If you can’t make a call or have a live chat – I just made a hot new erotic audio just for you (there are 4 other audios in this genre):

You Want A Slut Wife – Length: 4:35 Cost: $15

Click Here For A Sample of this Audio

Obviously this isn’t the first time a man has come to me for advice on how to turn his wife into a slut wife. I have found that most men fantasize and jerk off while thinking about their wives being fucked by other men. Listen as I share the advice that I’ve cultivated over the years; what your wife really thinks, what she really wants and how to help her become a slut wife. This audio will be helpful for men that think about their wife/girlfriend sleeping with others and will also be excellent listening for any man that knows he should be cuckolded by a woman. This is a conversational audio; not a roleplay.