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Ms. Scarlet’s New Rope Demo Doll

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I just have to tell you about a recent experience I had with my new rope demo doll. Now, just to bring you up to date, I have fallen even more in love with rope bondage and rope art (shibari). It started . . . → Read More: Ms. Scarlet’s New Rope Demo Doll

Rope Bondage Practice With Mistress Scarlet

Practice Makes Perfect!

(Note: This blog has been recorded for your listening pleasure – look for the player at the bottom of this post.)Mmmmmmmm! For my birthday in September, a very special friend sent me several   items from my Amazon Wish List. Among them were some books on rope bondage (also known as . . . → Read More: Rope Bondage Practice With Mistress Scarlet

Tied Up & Humiliated

I thought I’d share a real life story with my blog readers this week!

Recently, The Scarlet Mistress attended a kinky play party. I must say I looked amazing in my black dress with a very low v-neck, a leather waist cincher, and my favorite leather Vera Wang heels. Plenty of submissive men and . . . → Read More: Tied Up & Humiliated!

Hog Tied!

You can’t see your surroundings for the blindfold is tight against your eyelids. Mistress forbids you to look at her! Your naked body feels every square of the tile beneath you. You can’t scream through the rubber ballgag that was shoved into your mouth the moment you began to beg for release. Your knees and elbows . . . → Read More: Hog Tied!